Jurassic World [2015] – Review



I’m a bit late on the scene with this. It’s been out for about 2 weeks now, and its the one movie I’ve been waiting to see for this summer [anyone else notice that the cinema is quiet this year?]. This movie knows what it’s up against: A world that has seen it all before. It’s the whole reason it even exists, and for me. It fails- because we’ve seen it all before.

The only way a movie can blow me away nowadays is if it has great characters and a brilliant storyline, this has neither.

Jurassic Park is a cult classic. We all know about it, and we all fell in love with it, but rehashing the same ideas in a world that just keeps churning out rehashes off old movies doesn’t work. It sucks.

We get the same one-dimensional characters of every-single-other badly made movie. The graphics were great, but graphics don’t give me a good story or characters to fall in love with, and that is where this movie fell apart. It needed to be sent  straight to the beginning of film-making, and instead of worrying about the amazing effects and huge fight scenes, start with the small details- like the characters.

I don’t go to see 3D movies to be blown away, because I’ve seen it too many times now. I go to see 3D movies, just to know that I’m getting the full experience, but I need the characters and storyline to make me love the movie.

Jurassic World just did not do that for me.

We get the two brother’s – the bigger brother is the macho big protector, while the younger one is still emotional and looks up to his bigger brother…really? I know the brother/sister dynamic works like this, but don’t base a large chunk of the character’s interaction with one another on it, because it’s lame.

Sexism plays a HUGE role in this movie, and it pissed me the hell off. How can a woman not be a proffesional business woman, but still need a man to save her? or just have to run around in six-inch heels?…I mean, really? Anyone with two brain cells, would have ditched those heels the second ‘running’ came to mind. Also, why did she need a romantic story? Why can’t women not be strong and independent in movies. Jurassic World use romance just to make her interesting and have the main man kiss them?? I don’t know if Rick Java and Amanda Silver know what originality even stands for. It means coming up with new ideas. 

I also got completely lost at what was in Padlock 9, I know now- but it completely stumped me for a good minute- which only means that it wasn’t wasn’t written well into the storyline. I wished they would’ve told us more in conversation on who was inside there [not giving away spoilers].

I’ve waited my whole life [after all the mediocre sequels from the first] for this movie, and it failed. I kinda already had a feeling it wasn’t gong to be anywhere near as good as Jurassic Park. If they spent more time on the characters,  it might’ve stood a chance.

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