Uriel’s Absolution by Mary Sage Nguyen

Rating: ★

Reason for rating: I finished it.

This is the second of Mary’s books that I have read, and I have the same internal struggle with it. Mary has these wonderful stories that need to be expanded on. Both books original ideas are amazing, but the execution of both is weak.

Take Uriel’s Absolution’s summary:

Damon Garcia is a normal young boy, except he is knocking at death’s door. He stumbles upon an arch angel Uriel who asks for his aid in order to slay a demon named Tim Timberlake. Who also happens to be an international rockstar. They two search for a spear.The only spear that can obliterate the monstrosity.The pair get ambushed by the minions of the demonic abomination, while searching for the spear. Uriel uses his supernatural power to destroy them. They venture on to the concert of Tim Timberlake. Uriel and Damon face the abomination in order to save the world of his diabolical intentions. Does Uriel regain god’s favor and get a ticket into heaven? Does Damon die from his terminal illness?


It sounds amazing, if it wasn’t a short story [less than 3,000 words in total] it could’ve been great.

Mary has these great ideas, but she doesn’t follow through with them. Maybe it was always supposed to be a short story, but I don’t feel like it should be. Because we get a fallen angel and demons walking the earth, and we barely get to know them before it’s all over. If she did want to expand on it and make it a longer story, I wouldn’t blame her. That is all I’m saying.

The writing, as with her other book, needs a bit of approving on:

Damon went to the kitchen to find something to eat. HIs mother was at work. Damon’s independence was due to his mother neglect. She was almost never home. For the rest of the day Damon watched cartoons of[f] the TV[,] and sat alone in the apartment. 

This little snippet could be approved on, those fullstops don’t necessarily need to be there and just makes the flow sound choppy. Description would help this piece out a bit more as well.

For such a short piece, there was a lot of grammatical mistakes, missing words and misspelled words, which doesn’t come across well to the readers. It gives out the message that if the author didn’t care enough to edit properly, why should we as readers care?

So, bottom line. Uriel’s Absolution has a good idea, but again it could have been worked on so much better than what we got.


    • You’re welcome Mary! Thanks for being so nice. I hope you keep writing!

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