Day 4 – 5 : Mouses and Cars

So, I’m a day late with this post. You’ll understand at the end why it’s late.

So, woke up on Wednesday morning to the story of the boys having a mouse in their room [they’re boys, you can imagine what their room is like] and there’s three in the one room… Yea, it stunk like men by the second day.

They had a mouse, and called it Maggy. They chased it around the room and tried to take photos, but unlike me, they could go back to sleep afterwards.

IMG_2275I got updates on Bruce… This is the photo of them trying to get him for his first walk without me, he’s totally confused. They only did it because he’s gotten all depressed. I warned them to go out with him everyday, but they don’t walk him so I was kinda expecting that they would slack off on the walking with their jobs and life going about. I miss him terribly.

We got lost last night going to a talk about Community Management, well- the phone with the map to the place died on us, and we ended up trying to look for it for nearly a whole 2 hours!! The canals all look the same and we were going in the completely wrong direction for ages!!

Got up extra early this morning as I’m missing my nice cup of coffee and headed to the Starbucks just down the road…


[Was it just me, but I didn’t know that ‘Sarah’ is the IRISH spelling of it, or was I misinformed?]

Well, I have to share something with you guys! While we were lost and aimlessly walking about, I did stumble across a Buick:


Isn’t it just gorgeous?! Even though we were rushing, I made sure I got a photo of it!


Us just being tourists!


  1. Sarah, have a great stay here in Amsterdam! And make sure to tell us more about your discoveries of the city, the eyes of newcomers usually see more))

    • I’ll try and post my experience every few days. I hope you enjoy whatever I have to say. I’m really liking it so far! 🙂

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