Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic-Con Trailer

I’ve been dying for this movie since I first heard about it! Still hasn’t changed! Best thing about it… Jeffrey Dean Morgan!!! WOOO!! I know I know, he’s John Wayne, but at least he’s in there…even if it just for a little bit. I still don’t know what to take away from this trailer, who to root for- Batman or Superman?? But I’m more of a Batgirl myself and I literally don’t have a clue what’s going on, but I don’t know how this movie is going to play out… Superman has all the powers, while Batman just has his brains and money… I sure hope it doesn’t have a sappy ending with both of them walking away and┬ácoming to a mutual respect for one another when they figure they misunderstood the other person… It sounds like that is exactly what they’re aiming for.

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