Amsterdam – End of week 2


Sorry that I havent updated you guys in over a week!!! But I think it’s fitting to start this Amsterdam recap with a photo from the same day last week… The photo above was taken last Saturday while playing poker with the guys in the park and drinking wine [it’s legal over here to drink outside]. This was before going out that night. First week in Amsterdam, I think it was only fitting I went out! But I’m doubting I’ll do the same this week… just too many creeps, I got kissed out-of-the-blue by some guy, and just yesterday a man walked straight in front of me, stared at my chest and said hi.


My twin sent me an update on what was happening…he took over my room. He also sent me  pic of my dog’s face every time he asks him ‘where’s Sarah?’ Poor Bruce, still missing him and cannot wait to get home and get to see his face and bring him on a realy long walk.

My sis also got home during the week from her honeymoon. I was updated of her return home with this pic….


Then, for the first time being here, had a FaceTime chat with them and my mam. I was surprised that I didn’t get upset or homesick. Maybe because they’re only an hour away and if I really really wanted to get home or something happened, I would be with them in no-time.


We went on a trop on one of the canals yesterday morning with a speaker… it was so cool and pretty, I kept getting distracted with the scenery.

I had an anxiety attack yesterday, completely out-of-the-blue. We were doing presentations and usually I’m fine, I stand up and do it, but sitting there and my vision started to go, and my blood pressure plummeted. I knew what it was the second it happened, which didn’t help and had to go to the toilet where I burst into tears while my whole body shook uncontrollably…I’d rather get sick than have one of those attacks. Just horrible. The girls were cool with it, and I can do my presentation on Monday instead.

Because I felt like shit on what happened, I forced myself to go to a football game….

IMG_2314 IMG_2316

I did enjoy going out, but I still hate football and honestly just don’t get it…

Then came home, went to bed and woke up this morning. I hate two presentation to do on Monday and I’m going to be in charge of all the social channels for the whole of next week and I’m super excited about it!!!

The building in Amsterdam are just beautiful! 

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