Going Home Tomorrow!!

My time in Amsterdam is over ๐Ÿ™

But cannot wait to go home!! To see all my family and friends, and to give my doggy a big huge hug when I get through the door.

The plans are to go for a walk before getting something yummy to eat for dinner.

They want me to come into work in the morning, but I may just leave from home- because I’ll be stressing out and unable to think straight, let alone work!! This is my first time travelling by myself. The plan is to get some writing done on the 1-hour plane journey.

Getting butterflies in my tummy at the thought of seeing everyone. Cant believe it’s been 5 weeks!! It flew in!

I’m dying to sleep in my own comfy bed, and not to have mice and be able to go wherever I want because I wont get lost.

Today can’t go quick enough!!

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