Not feeling like I wanna be home.

I got in yesterday at about 5:30pm [Irish time], and I’ve only just gotten time to write this up now.

I got the weird [and horrible] feeling when I was going around Dublin yesterday…that nothing has changed. A rope swing is still wrapped around one of the lamp posts on the road, the same kids are running around, the same type of people are still walking around the shops.

Then I got hit with the sudden urge to flee. for the first time in my life, I don’t want to be here, and even as I write this, I  still don’t want to be here.

The freedom and experiences of being away are amazing and then to come back to the same street, the same people doing the same old thing…I want to go away again.

It’s having so much freedom to do whatever you want, to just come home and be smacked in the face with the same faces, the same routine, the same story and the same old questions…it’s like my head is being plunged back under water- I’m already starting to feel confined and I’m not even here for 24 hours yet.

I love my family, and it’s why I love Ireland, and why I love living here. If I could bring them all with me, I would be travelling the world non-stop.

 Because the world is too big to be stuck in one place. 

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