I don’t know how I’m going to manage…

It’s about 6:30pm. I’ve been working for the majority of the day [9:00am – 5:00pm] it’s a work-from-home job, but it’s still work and I can’t do whatever I please.

It’s already gotten me into this dilemma. I am slacking on every other aspect of my life.

Walking and exercising are still doing good, just about managing to get out on my 1-walk-per-day so far this week. My writing and reading books are another dilemma all together.

It’s 6:30pm, and these are what I still have to get done for the day…

  • Write
  • Walk
  • Read

My goal was to get to 50,000+ words by the end of this week, it seemed doable at the time as I’m working from home and all that jazz!! But it isn’t, i still have 13,329 words to go before hitting that goal. I know, if I stop freaking out about it and just wait till the weekend, I may be able to crunch out those numbers. Most likely though the stupid thing called life will get in the way and I’ll get to 40k, if I’m lucky.

I am also supposed to have a review posted this Friday for the book 13 Stolen Girls which I started reading on the plane last Friday, but I’m still on chapter 1. I’m going to see how tonight and tomorrow goes, and if it is even feasible to have the review ready for Friday.

The only thing that is going well for me is my exercising regime, I haven’t slacked off on it yet, and it’s probably why I’m forcing myself to keep it up, because it’s the only thing that isn’t going down the drain right now.

It’s now 6:44 and I still have so much more to do for the day… How am I even going to manage to get to bed at this rate?

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