Fear of The Walking Dead is here!! Don’t get your hopes up.


It sucks.

After month-and-months of anticipation, with The Walking Dead fans in full-blown withdrawal systems, we finally get to see the prequel of our favourite shows…and it sucks.

I was sure I misread the names at the beginning, this was not from the same guys who gave us our favourite zombie series, it couldn’t be! This is like a really excited fanatic got the money to shoot a fan video and somehow managed to get it on prime-time television.

Nothing works. 

When I saw nothing, I mean nothing.

The storyline, unlike The Walking Dead where we instantly fell in love with Rick before he even made it out of the hospital. The character in the prequel were terrible. Ric cycling like a mad-man our hearts went out to him, but watching this new main character run from a church, and watching him run down the road, I instantly was hoping it would get better, that the acting just had a bad moment of acting… He didn’t.

I’m not blaming the actor, he’s not the only one. All the characters in The Fear of the Walking Dead are bad.

But, I don’t know whether it’s bad acting, directing or writing. I honestly cannot pin-point the issue, but whatever it is, it ruins the whole show. It’s not ready for prime-time tv, not even close. It doesn’t even deserve to ride on the back of The Walking Dead.

Even the zombies were bad. I don’t know if the show didn’t have the same budget as it’s big brother, but these zombies were the pathetic third-cousins of the zombies were used to, and you could tell that from a mile-off.

The storyline could be better. Whether it was the choppy editing that had disconnecting scenes left-right-and-centre that left you confused, or the acting where characters just didn’t click. You end up not watching the cool storyline and the characters, but you end up watching the story die slowly…and painfully.

By the end you feel like picking the whole thing up and hugging it, it had a huge audience that was biting at the bit for more, and it had so much potential, but failed.

It was just too big of a pair of shoes to fill.

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