Supernatural 11×01 ‘Out of the Darkness, Into The Fire’


Rating ★★★★

This season just didn’t have the same hype as previous seasons.

The episode picks up straight after the end of Season 10, which is really great, because you get a reminder of what happens from the opening and don’t have to think about how much time as passed [not like last season, when 6 weeks went by] and you felt like you were missing out when the missing time crept up in conversations.

Castiel’s storyline just didn’t make sense on-screen. It could have been better executed. I just don’t get why the ‘normal’ hunting family would start shooting a defenceless guy that they find in a shed, he didn’t do them any harm, just shoved the kid out of the way. It would have made sense if he attacked one of them, comes to his senses and then they shoot to defend themselves…now, that would have made sense.

Also, the Mark of Cain suddenly being on a baby makes zero sense right now, hopefully it’s cleared up in the next few episodes.

The Darkness and Dean aren’t connected because of the Mark anymore, because Dean doesn’t have it. Yea, he unleashed her, but there’s no connection. This too would make more sense if he still had the Mark, but he doesn’t.

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new monsters the Darkness is creating. They’re like a cross between a zombie and the Croatoan virus from all the way back in season 2 [it that made the townspeople kill one another]. I love the new twist of them dying after a few hours with it, that gives the guys a very short space of time to try and save them…and now, especially, it’s going to get super interested on how they find a cure….and quick!

Some conversations that happened between the boys was just so repetitive from previous seasons that I was thinking to myself ‘Not this again’. Like Sam complaining to Dean about killing human beings. How long have we been hearing this argument now? Since the beginning? Yep.

I’m not as excited as previous years yet, but I am really interested in seeing where this season goes and what happens. Also, what will happen between The Darkness and Dean??

Season 11 could get really dark and really interesting now, with this new connection between Dean and the new Big Bad.

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