Supernatural 11×02 ‘Form and Void’


Rating ★★

Deja Vu

Is the only way I could describe this episode. How many times have we seen Sam say those words? How many times do they have to lie to one another? How many times do we have to hear Cas defend the Winchesters?

If they weren’t all in the same episode, I wouldn’t feel so bad, but because they all were, I just couldn’t help feel like the episode is a repetition of what we saw in previous seasons.

The addition of Amara is great! Last week I was totally baffled at what the baby meant, but I like that The Darkness is now the baby…BUT how come Dean just knew all this?….that was a slight cop out.

Another thing I just found a bit hard to swallow was the oil being the cure…Couldn’t it have been a bit harder than something the boys have already used soooo many times before? The Darkness is supposed to be the oldest known entity and something as simple as holy oil stops it’s powers on people?

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the all-round acting is just lacking this season. I few times through this episode I cringed at certain actors and actresses. It just doesn’t feel the same.  It could have been better executed.

The one who has always come out-on-top and who didn’t fail was- of course – Crowley. He was just perfect, and I love the ending to this episode, I wonder what he’s going to do? It’s so intriguing!

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