Supernatural 11×03 ‘The Bad Seed’



I loved this episode. There hasn’t been an episode so far that I haven’t laughed as much as I did in ‘The Bad Seed’.

The funny lines weren’t overdone,  Rowena’s whole ‘Mega Coven’ was just spot on and Ruth was just amazing as Rowena and how insane she sounds to everyone else but herself.

The only thing that kinda annoyed me was that- i know the shows loves its fanbase- but it is literally just feeding off of it now. Okay, everyone wanted a sick Cas, everyone wanted Dean to wrap him in a blanket and make him better…and its exactly what we got.

Dean’s whole self-hate is also getting a bit tedious. It would have been okay if he just brushed off Cas’ offer of healing him. It feels like as a character he’s not getting anywhere with loving himself a bit more and letting go off the rotten things he’s done.

The girls who played Amara, even though the second one was for a fraction at the very end both did an amazing job at portraying her, her whole demeanour was perfectly cold. I like that she’s going to grow up into ‘The Darkness’ we saw at the start of the season, that she had to get a newborn baby and now has to eat souls to speedup her growth into her full adult human body.

Another thing that really annoyed me, is the show makes it WAY too obvious that it’s playing off the Cas/Dean relationship. It was just ridiculous in this episode. In one scene we have Dean chasing after Cas, which lands him down an empty and dark laneway…but of course, with nobody else around – a beautiful blonde struts straight by our main man, and of course Dean has to say a sleazy line to her, to which she tells him off… really?

That was just pathetic, will the producers and writers just stop. If the show doesn’t want Cas and Dean together then stop making it so obvious that you’re failing at keeping their relationship heterosexual…if you had confidence in the two characters being just ‘bros’ they wouldn’t have felt the need to put in that awkward and unnecessary scene with the woman, which was perfectly time at the moment that Dean is in a panic trying to get to Cas.

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