Supernatural 11×04 ‘Baby’


This was the episode that I was looking forward to the most, then come a few hours before seeing it I wen ‘awe, shit, it’s going to be a filler episode’ and my hopes were dashed.

I loved that we saw what happens in the car, Supernatural misses all the funny moments that could happen between getting from point A to point B. I absolutely loved it for that!

But, it could have been better.

The whole scene where the valet took the car…WHAT? WHY? Who even does that? It was so convulated, needless and gave nothing whatsoever to the episode. Then neither of them says a word to the girl as they’re getting back into the Impala, even though the two watched her drive off without warning…neither knowing where she went to or got up to in it. It could have been so much better.

Sam was adorable…we saw him giggling and joking with his older brother that we don’t see him do as he’s too wrapped up in whatever crap is going down. I loved that we saw him having to hold back the giggles and just be brothers again.

Along their journey in the car, the brother’s have a little heart-to-heart that turns into Sam asking Dean “do you see yourself with another hunter?” – I mean, the only other hunter that two of them know well and would be the logical person in that conversation would have been Castiel…I really like that fact that this season is playing with the Destiel tropes and bringing it into nearly all the episodes so far. I just don’t think they’re going to make it into anything, but we’ll see.

John Winchester comes back into play, and I know [myself included] a lot of people would be annoyed that old John Winchester didn’t show up, I would have loved him to pop into the car and talk to Sam. The only reason Sam questioned the motives of seeing his dad was down to the fact that John was their age, and not the dad he remembers, and the only reasonable [and obvious] explanation for young John Winchester was Jeffrey Dean Morgan couldn’t do it. [I would have died if Jeffrey did show up]

The one episode i was looking forward to the most, and it didn’t disappoint, felt like the old Supernatural…really did love it.

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