Supernatural 11.09 ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’




I still don’t know what to make of Amara. What did she mean that her and Dean are one? Is she going to possess Dean? or are the two of them just going to be caught up in one another that they’ll protect one another at all costs, and that they’re somehow connected that Dean is the only thing keeping Amara on earth?

But the whole ‘Satan talking with Sam’ brings us back to the original Abel and Cain. So, I won’t be surprised if Sammy becomes Satan’s ‘meat-suit’ and Amara takes Dean while he’s under her spell, pitting the two against one another. Because, well hey, the world isn’t big enough for two evil entities.

Sammy really tries everything to do the right thing, and he thought he was doing good when it all gets thrown back into his face. Honestly, that man needs a break.

I’m still feeling very disconnected with season 11, it just isn’t exciting me as much as the rest of the seasons. Maybe because I don’t know what the endgame is.

Last season was so much more exciting, because DEAN was the big bad and it had so much possibility that I just couldn’t wait for the episodes.

This season, we know that it’s going to end with either: the brothers pitted against one another or one of them saving the other and the world…yet again.

I think the show and the brother-dynamics have finally run their ground. Maybe that’s the reason why I feel so very lethargic about this season. There’s nothing new: there’s a big bad, the boys go against one another, one of the brother’s makes a big boo-boo, Dean tries to save everyone.

This episode didn’t feel like a mid-season finale, there wasn’t enough tension on either brother. Yes, Sam is back in the cage, but it wasn’t executed very well that I just didn’t feel anything for what was happening…Except that single perfect tear, that did get to me.

Well, we just have to wait for January 20th to see what happens.

[Also, what the hell was the preview about?]

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