Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them [2016]


Okay, I’m not excited about it, I have to admit.I use to be a HUGE Harry Potter fan.When we saw this trailer it went into a big discussion of who was the bigger Harry Potter fan, and said people thought I wasn’t a fan of Harry Potter- this was when I pulled out my fanfiction.

Yes, I use to write Harry Potter fan fiction. It’s probably the only reason I got so good at writing, becasue I was hooked on getting feedback and getting major fans. I got to ‘legend’ status on said fanfiction site that people use to fangirl and gush when my ‘high’ self left reviews.

The fanfics are still up [I left them up for my fans to continue to enjoy them]. But I hate this whole ‘I’m a bigger Harry Potter fan-thing that Harry Potter fans have going on.

I will see this movie, but I doubt I’ll go and see it in the cinema. Wait till it comes out on dvd and see it then- this is just people trying to make money from the franchise, and has nothing to do with the original story – but is all focused on money-making.


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