No Ebook 2016.

Bookstore are dying!

I just read this article about the decline of booksells and major bookshops are getting a massive hit. I was just in a bookstore yesterday, but that wasn’t to buy a book, but a silly little Chirstmas present. The one thing that stuck with me was the amount of people standing around with handfuls of book and reading through them.

I also bought 2 free ebooks off an author I follow on Twitter…because I couldn’t wait for the actual books to show up…

I feel terrible about myself. Because I always remember as a kid being in the middle of a brilliant series and getting the bookstore to order the next book in, then getting itchy fingers waiting for it to arrive…

I miss those days.

Books just lose their value when they’re in ebook-format. You don’t care i you do or don’t read it, but when it’s sitting on your shelf, staring at you- you’re more likely to pick it up and give it some love.

So, 2016 is the year that I Wwill not buy a single ebook. Not a single one. I’ll read ebooks that I’ve alrady downloaded, becasue it’s somewhere in the twenties now, but any other books I will buy in the physical form.

Anyone with me?

Anyone else want to join in my no-ebook 2016.


  1. I absolutely love a good paperback or even better, a hardback. I love browsing the shelves of the book shop, reading the backs of books until eventually I’m forced to pick one by whomever I’m with because they want to go someplace else, but I also read my fair share of ebooks and I don’t understand why some people get so bad about them. I read more because of ebooks because if it’s 3 in the morning and I’m listening to a podcast where someone mentions a book and it seems interesting, I can just buy it and start reading it straight away rather than possibly having to wait a week before I can get to the shops, making it more likely I’ll read it. At the end of the day, it’s the words that are the important part, not the paper. 🙂

    • Yea, I understand about words being important. I just don’t like the whole idea that there’s less to an ebook and people usually find a loop-hole on getting them for free. I’m starting to now pay for an ebook because I just like to see my money in my hands and not just on a screen, and I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels this way. Let’s just see how this plan of mine goes.

      • I guess I just don’t mind as much about the money on screen thing rather than getting a physical product – that’s the way things are going now. I mean, I don’t buy physical copies of games, I just buy them on Steam and I don’t go out and buy a movie or boxset, I check to see if it’s on Netflix. Also, for the price of one paperback I might be able to get up to four or five ebooks (because I’m a good girl and I pay for them! xD) which is nice when you’re unemployed 😀
        Anyway, good luck with your plan!

        • Thanks! Yea, ebooks were a lifesaver when I was unemployed too, because you can just buy free ones or ones that cost less than a euro/dollar. I still do buy boxsets, games and CDS though.

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