No computer has given me so much time and I don’t know what to do with it! 

For the first time ever ( in the three years I’ve had it) my MacBook broke last Monday. 

I’m already starting to lose my mind, I don’t know what to do with myself, Like I have all this free time and nothing to do with it. I can’t edit any or work on my novels. The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure that I went longer than this without touching them, but because I know I can’t work on them it’s just making it so much harder. 

It also doesn’t help that I had to take a very rare sick day from work yesterday due to a  migraine that started on Thursday while in work . I’ve never gotten a migraine before. But I’ve started to get back into playing The Elder Scrolls again (I haven’t touched it in months, and I know why- it’s extremely addictive) so I have this free time and I can use it up by advancing in that game. (I may go and buy myself a television for my room, so I can play it whenever I want and not wait around for people to finish watching tv. 

My MacBook won’t be home till next Friday, so a whole week to find stuff to do when I come home that’s not wasting I front of the television. 

It’s just weird that I use to function without a computer. What the hell did I even do with myself? I need to fill up this free time and right now it’s looking to be the Xbox that’s going to do it, because I can’t think of anything else to do with it. 


  1. Totally know how you feel!
    Actually, for the last 24 hours my internet hasn’t been working and I’ve been at a loss of what to do – I have no idea what I used to do without the internet, especially now because normally when I don’t know what to do with my time I play ESO but I couldn’t because internet problems xD

    • Omg!! I’m hooked on playing ESO for the last three days, I bought it months ago but never got into it. In only on level 10, but I’ve been playing whenever the main tv is not in use. It’s extremely addictive.

      • I got it just over a month ago when it was in the Steam winter sale – lost an entire week of my life straight after buying. I got my wood elf to about level 23 and then realised that I really, really needed to step away from the game for a while and actually go do other things 😀

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