Supernatural 11×17 ‘Red Meat’

Rating: ★★★★★
I lost all hope in Supernatural, the reason why I haven’t left a review or even spoken about it since the beginning of this season. Even when I heard that it was renewed for a new season, it just didn’t bother me. It got to the point where I wrote up a large post that was going to be posted today after the episode about all the reasons why the show has gone down the drain.
Red Meat has turned it completely around.
It wasn’t the traditional Supernatural episode. First it was dark- both ins style and story. Sam’s and Dean’s reaction to events were different and they seemed to finally grow into themselves. It didn’t have the linear storyline, it jumped back-and-forth in time and was so well put together. The special effects were on a whole new level than what we’re use to, and the side-characters were the semi-main characters and it felt like Supernatural just grew up…finally!
We’re accustomed to watching the two Winchester brothers die, but these deaths were different. Of course, we knew that they were going to come back, but the execution of them was so much more darker that it managed to leave a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. First Sam, the all-mighty Sam, is killed by being suffocated by a man’s bare hands, and then Dean scoffs a bunch of pills to kill himself.
One of the things that did strike me, was the fact that Dean physically cannot go on without Sam. He killed himself and was willingly to die, but yet when the woman sees the love of her life being killed in front of her, Dean has the audacity to sit down with her and tell her that ‘it’s going to be hard, but after a while, life will go back to normal’ ….wait?! Didn’t you just kill yourself because your brother died [again!] you hypocrite!
I’m not getting my hopes up that they’re going to keep this up. If they do, Supernatural will turn back into my favourite tv show, after over ten years, it deserves this level of story-telling, acting and special effects. If it does, it could be a beginning of a brilliant new chapter for the show.


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