Supernatural 11×20 ‘Don’t Call Me Shurley’


Rating: ★★★★★

This bloody show.
If the whole season had been like this one episode, I would have loved it. Everything about this episode was how good Supernatural used to be. It had the old vibe about it, the same feeling I use to get when watching earlier season. I little bubble of anticipation and excitement all rolled into one.

Sam and Dean didn’t take centre-stage on this episode, and I think that’s why it worked so well. There was a feeling of finality with their stories, that it was starting to come to close and there was no escaping it, there was nothing left for them to do. This is also shown when Dean decides to stay in the same room with an infected Sam- knowing full-well he’s not going to turn and it’s going to be Sam who attacks and inevidably kills him. Dean is done, and we’ve been seeing this a lot with his ‘suicide’ in a recent episode. He’s done, he’s officially thrown in the towel. There’s nothing more he can do.

That’s until the Samulet shows up- in Sam’s pocket. I’ve seen a few people saying that Sam had this all along. I don’t think so. Sam didn’t have the Samulet- if he did he would have given it back to Dean WELL before now. God was the only one who had it, whether he picked it recently or had it this whole time.  I’m dying to find this detail out from the next episode.

I have a very strong feeling that this whole big fight between Lucifer and Amara is going to turn into being between Castiel and Dean. Why?

Metatron: And your fav — Castiel

[Chuck/God completely ignored this]

Metatron: And that’s it! Don’t you think they deserve a few extra words? Especially your favourite — Lucifer? He wasn’t my favorite.

Then he goes onto say:

Helped them?! I’ve saved them! I’ve rebuilt Castiel more times than I can remember.
Look where that got me.

By this Castiel- not Lucifer- is God’s favourite. The reason why he get’s away with everything he’s ever done against him and heaven, the reason why Castiel keeps getting put back together and brought back to the Winchesters. Castiel is the underdog that the Big Guys wouldn’t see being a main threat, but he is. Castiel is God’s favourite.

I also think the Samulet is a connection with the ‘missing father-figure- [word] that has been played throughout Supernatural. John wasn’t around for Sam to give him the Amulet, so he gives it to the next-best person; Dean. Now, when God [another disappearing father] finally shows back up it appears again. Whether we get some John Winchester this season [I know Mary shows up] I highly doubt it, but it would be amazing if he did.

God being bisexual. I saw the whole of Twitter and Tumblr going cray-cray over this. I don’t see it as a big deal. God is a creator or man and woman, he cannot have an attraction towards one and not the other. He loves them equally to the same extent, so to me this makes perfect sense. At least Supernatural has finally started representing gays and bisexuals. Whether this could lead to Destiel I don’t know, I just wish they would make it clear whether it’s going to happen or not, and just wish the fandom would shut up and enjoy the show.

So, my thoughts on the ending so far?

  • Dean is going to go off with Amara- Sammy keeps bringing this up. This either to get rid of Amara or to just go with her. Whether it be taking on the Mark of Cain again or just disappearing into The Darkness.
  • Castle is Lucifer and Amara has her claws in Dean- meaning that Cas and Dean end up fighting one another in the big showdown.
  • Lucifer finds out Castiel is the favourite – what this entails I don’t know, maybe a showdown with him and God with Amara there for the shits-and-giggles.


This was a perfect Supernatural episode. The song at the end was flawless and tied it all together. There’s just no clear path from here to the finale and that’s really bothering my enjoyment of the show as a whole. Usually viewers get a feeling of the scenarios that could happen, but Season 11 I’m still totally in the dark.




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