AC/DC – The Heartache of Nearly Seeing Them

AC/DC played in Portugal this passed Saturday, and all I could think was that if only I went on my holidays to Portugal two weeks later, I could’ve gone. 

Being upset at the whole idea of being able to get a ticket and seeing them if I wanted to, I researched and found that they’re going to be in London on the 7th of June.

I would’ve bought the ticket then and there, if I was only brave enough to go to a gig by myself. Going to a gig by myself, is something I have never done before and it just seems like a very depressing affair to put yourself through. People getting drunk and having a great time with their friends while little loner me just tries to enjoy the show and not get too drunk that I forget how to get back to your hotel.

My texts went out to anybody I could think would even want to go and see them- which wasn’t a lot, because nearly everybody likes poppy or EDM music.

The price all together for the ticket, the plane ticket and the two days over in England? About €500. That’s once you change it to pounds. There is nobody in my circle of people who even remotely likes them to be mentally able to slap down €500 to see them.

This is just yet another item to going on my ‘Music Icons I Never Got To See’ on my list of Bucket List, alongside Michael Jackson.


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