It’s my Birthday!!

It’s my birthday today. The grand age of 26.

I don’t know if I love birthdays or just don’t care, I just cant make my mind up. I’ve gotten to the stage in life where I’m already starting to forget what age I am and have to think of the year we’re in before figuring it out.

When birthdays come around, I always end up reminiscing on when I was younger and would get bouncy castles or go the Fun House. Being a twin, he would have all his friends, and I would have mine and then we’d also have all our cousins and it would be the best day ever! Not forgetting all the great presents we used to get.

What were your best birthdays?

My 25th birthday was actually quiet good. I was in Amsterdam with a bunch of people I didn’t know a few weeks prior, and it was the best night ever! I always remember the biscuit-type cake that they got and the sparkling shot of alcohol that they sang Happy Birthday with before I downed it.

Weird how much happens in a year. This year, I’m not doing anything major. Getting the traditional curry takeaway with mam, then cocktails with the bestie and another dinner with my dad.

I got doughnuts instead of a cake…yum!



Do you guys miss birthdays as much as me? Or am I just weird?

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