Don’t Call it a Diet



“Oh you’re on a diet?”

“How’s the diet going?

“Are you still dieting?

Yes, I made the mistake of letting slip that I’ve changed my eating habits. See? It’s not a diet. To me diets are something you do till you get to your ideal weight and then it’s back to your usually eating once you do. And the cycle repeats.

Is it just me who comes across this, but once people know you’re on a diet that they have a say in what you do with your body?

I got this comment the other day:

You don’t need to diet. 

Why do people think that they have a say on what someone else does with their life? With their body? Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought when people changed their lifestyle and eating habits, it’s not for the opinions of other people.  They’re doing it for themselves, they’re doing it to be healthier, to be able to do everything that they couldn’t, to feel confident and to look good. It’s not about what people think.

My weight loss journey so far…

Early last year I got to my heaviest of 13.5stone and I had a bridesmaid dress to fit into and that’s when I got shook out of my little bad-eating stupor that I’d been in. I didn’t take a photo at this stage as I physically hated what I saw and it’s burned into my brain for eternity.

I’m now down to 11.9stone. The problem now is I don’t have much of a stomach, but it’s all my hips in stubborn love-handles which I’m going to start hitting over the next week.

It’s the simple things now that make me feel great- instead of going to the ‘goodie’ press I have a glass of water and if I’m still hungry I reach for an apple or a handful of grapes. I no longer crave chocolate or sweets, I can finally [for the first time ever!] go weeks without touching them.

The one thing that got me hooked onto this new diet? Keeping track of what goes in vs what comes out. It makes sense and all about mathematical equations than silly little notions…it makes you accountable. It forces you to remember back to sweating it out earlier in the day when you crave for a takeaway and you count up the calories:

I did not nearly pass out for nothing. 

Don’t get me wrong, if I have calories left in my day and I’ve done one or two workouts then I’m allowing myself my takeaway…dry option…no sauces, and I may still have calories left over.

Oh, and about the two workouts. It’s not hitting my gym twice a day- it’s walking the dog. It’s near-to-impossible to say no to a husky when he wants to go out. There’s just no excuse- he needs a walk and it’s not about me anymore. Even if my legs are sore and I’m still exhausted there’s over an hour of walking to do. Once you get outside, you’ll understand that it’s more of a mental battle than a physical one. You’re muscles stop hurting after the first few steps and you feel lighter, agile and more faster because of your previous workout already loosening you up.


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