Supernatural 12×03 ‘The Foundry’


The Foundry is the first filler episode of the season, but unlike other filler episodes it hits right in the feels.

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I got confused halfway through this episode and the backstory of the ‘spirit’ wasn’t really developed that we barely got a grasp of who he was and then Mary just threw out her thoughts on him.

Also, kinda was erliefet when the black goo coming from her eyes was from being possessed and not her body self-desctructing itself- which was my immediate thought when seeing the trailer.

The ending. Wow. Did not see that coming. At first I was really annoyed, because since we’ve known Dean and Sam they’ve been wanting their mother back…then she walks out.

I really wished John could’ve come back now instead of her. He would’ve been able to fit into their lives so much easier and natural. He knows them as people and it’s only been…what?…10 years since he’s died?

I wasn’t expecting the way they ended it. Dean shutting Mary out of a hug and then Sam flinching at the sound of the door. Two episodes of happiness and they’re back to square one.

In the words of Sam at the start of the episode:

Now it’s all gone.

I can see why Mary needs to leave. She’s been in her perfect heaven and now she’s down on earth with no John and two grownup men she doesn’t know. I can see the boy’s continue on hunting and Mary starting her own new life by herself.

I hope that the boy’s can can stop looking for their mother or father to accept them, to make them proud. That they can finally lay all those thoughts to rest and just be glad that they have one another and Cas.

I was a bit miffed at Cas stating that ‘he still doesn’t think he belongs’ – I don’t know, he’s been with the Winchesters long enough to feel a part of their family. They’ve told him time-and-time again how much he means to both of them. He knows how much they both care for him.

The season is really up-in-the-air still on where the whole storyline is heading to. I have a feeling it’s going to be another show down with Lucifer- but how they’re planning that out is a mystery and how Mary links in with it is also confusing.

Hopefully Sam and Dean have finally grown as people that they’re going to talk about what happened and not either dive into hunting [as stated in this episode] or hit the bottle. Because then I’m just going to be having a bad case of Deja vu.

Also, Cas needs to bring the two out drinking and force both of them to talk.

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