Supernatural 12×06 ‘Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox’


Rating: ★★★

This episode was a nice change form the norm, the boy’s weren’t specifically going out of their way to hunt something, but were taking the time to catch up with Jody, which in turn leads them to kind of having a hunt. I wish all episode were like this and not following the same linear episode-line.

The one thing that is getting on my nerves this season is the whole ‘you’re going to be fine’ speech. I get that hunters say that to victims to make them feel better, but can’t the writers not sit down and figure out how to not repeat the same conversation over-and-over again? I think that’s three episodes now that have had the same conversation.

The only huge plot hole in this episode is the fact that we have all these hunters- who’ve spent their lives looking over their shoulders- show up to this one house, and the only thing that they have between them is one demon knife that Dean has. No holy water or a pistol shoved down the inside of a boot??

The fact that there are stories going around about Sam and Dean in the hunting community was a nice addition to the episode, but it didn’t come as a surprise, because hunters all knew about Sam being the ‘demon child’ and then opening hell. So, why would hunters stop hearing stories about them? I wish that we got more information on what stories were being told. Like, do they know about Cas and about Dean being a demon? Because they all knew about how many times Dean had been dead. The conversation didn’t happen the way it should’ve gone. The hunter should’ve pushed for more questions than just ‘death didn’t take’ – like, what about the time that Sam was ringing around looking for leads on his Knight of Hell brother? Nothing came up about it.

The cannon thing that annoyed me about this episode is the notion that Mary was still hunting even after having Sam and Dean? If she was still hunting then she would’ve had the house warded against demons and supernatural entities, so Azazel would’ve never made it into Sammy’s room and she would’ve never died. If she was still hunting, she would’ve left guns and equipment hidden around the place just for ‘safe keeping’ – the same way Dean continued to do when he tried to live a normal life.

The possibility that this was the end of the Mary-train was a shock. I wouldn’t put it pass Supernatural to pull a stunt like that, that it was such a relief when she didn’t go. But it also foreshadowing what’s going to happen; Mary isn’t staying around, she’s going to have to die, and by the sounds of it, she’s going to have to take her own life. Sacrificing herself for one of the boys-then everything would be tied up in a nice little bow such as Supernatural always writes it. Absolutely and utterly depressing.

PS: the twins totally need to come back into play in future episodes.

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