Supernatural – I Just Don’t Know Why I’m Still Bothered.

I always stick with a show till the very end. I’ve never been in this position before.

The writers are are disjointed from one another. They don’t understand the show the same way as Kripke, Robbie Thompson or Adam Glass. They just kill of characters for shock value and then they’re left with nobody to build the story around and it’s given us this shitty twelfth season.

[please note, the following was written before the finale]

On all other seasons we had a good over-arching storyline that brought us through the season, this season we don’t really have one.

The only two things keeping it together:

The boy’s coming to terms with their mammy being back.I really really thought Mary was going to be different, like the charming younger version of her as she’s only supposed to be a few years older than that. Her characteristics just don’t cut it for me. I don’t want her to be all loving to the boy’s because she doesn’t know them, but she doesn’t feel like the Mary that we saw in the past.

The Lucifer baby drama that hasn’t been really that exciting. It’s just waiting for the baby to pop, and I have a very bad feeling that nothing is going to come from it- that they’re going to be transported to this other purgatory-esgue setting for the finale and the start of next season. I’m not all that excited about either. Remember last time they said this it only lasted a fraction of two episodes?

Then there’s the British Men of Letters – they just seem to be all over the place, whether they’re coming or going I just don’t know. There’s no dept to their organisation or to them that it makes it all seem so pathetic.

I don’t know how they’re going to save this, not after the disaster of killing Eileen and the diabolical bad writing of There’s Something about Mary. They’ve done the whole Big Bad too many times and Lucifer is just annoying that I’d bring Dick back than sit through another scene with Lucifer- who was WAY better in earlier seasons.

The finale does have I’m looking forward to in the finale are:

  • Finding out who that guy is with his face covered
    For the Dean and Mary fight.
  • These two things are the only reason I’ll watch the finale.

    The overall excitement of the show is gone.

    It just seems to be chugging along now, not really going anywhere.

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