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Mulled Wine, Mulled Wine, Mulled Wine & Chocolate

I’ve always wanted to go to the Christmas Markets, technically the ones in Germany, but when the opportunity came for the ones in Belgium. I jumped at the chance.

I didn’t research Belgium or its markets before going. I was only going to be there for a day, so it would be speed around, look, and get back home.

Bruges is very picturesque [as seen in the photo above], the layout is the exact town you used to read about in your history books about medieval living. Quant little houses all narrowed together in tiny skinny laneways and abundance of huge churches in a three minute walk from one another. [ones that ring their bell first thing in the morning to wake everybody up!!]

Being Christmas and being extremely cold that made my nose purple, mulled wine was sold everywhere really cheaply. You can also add in a little extra rum malibu or barcdai if you’re heart so desires [I got whiskey- it’s so worth it!]. It’s takes the place of coffee or tea to keep you warm as it’s cheap €2.50 for a styrophome cup of it. Sip it to beat off the chill! Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

If you love chocolate, you’re spoiled for choice, but you’re going to be easily ripped off for coughing up more money for the same bar if you don’t look around. In one street alone there was three- three chocolatiers side-by-side, selling nearly the same chocolate and that’s not counting the others on the other side of the street.

So, for Christmas travels and for a weekend away- Bruges is a nice escape to a little taste of winter wonderland. With it’s small and quant streets and houses, but Germany would keep you more occupied with it’s much bigger markets.

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