The Greatest Showman Hits All The Right Notes

Rating: ★★★★★

It’s been a very long time that I’ve gone to the movies and came out in a nice bubble of giddy happiness. The Showman did that to me. You know what I mean, you go to the cinema watch a movie, and it doesn’t effect you. But there’s an occasional movie that leaves you with a nice gooey feeling in your stomach.

The Showman did that to me.

It was the best movie I’ve seen in years!

While I was driving home I was already planning on seeing it again. I cannot fault it.

I went into it not knowing that it was a musical and for the first two-to-three songs I was put off. Like being hit in the face and left behind and then trying to catch up and wrap my head around the singing.

Once I got into the swing of it, it was pure Magical! The music is all upbeat and energetic that has you wanting to burst out of your chair while watching it and break into a dance. Even listening to the songs leaves a nice warm fluttery feeling that I start to wish all songs were like the ones in this movie; telling a story by the lyrics.

I loved every-single-damn-second of it. I know it’s gotten mixed reviews but for a movie to leave me in a happy bubble for hours after watching it, I just cannot fault it. Hugh Jackman is an amazing singer. I loved him in Les Mis and he was the best choice for the role of P. T. Barnum.

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