Ditching Filofax for Happy Planner

I found that the Filofax do not have enough room for what I need. I was going to use all planners for different parts of my life, then my sister showed me her LornaJane and I loved the layout of it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here they are:2017 Diary

Because of my instant-love for my sister’s diary, that was my first go-to site. Even thought the diary are only $15, based in Australia the shipping would cost more.

And I decided a new planner with a vertical-layout planner would be perfect.

Two brands kept popping up in my research; Te Happy Planner and Erin Condren. I liked the sturdiness of the Erin Condren but there was no way on this pretty little planet that I was willing to splash that much money followed by the bad reviews of wrong formatting, wrong date, bad printing; that it was instantly a no-go.

And I bought:

If you don’t know, it’s The Happy Planner, this will hopefully keep me focused and organised for the rest of 2017 and 2018.

Hopefully it keeps my life on track. It’s working so far!!

Chester Bennington – You’ll Never Be Replaced.

Linkin Park Band

Linkin Park

I usually don’t get upset over celeb deaths. They usually don’t mean anything to me or they were has-beens.

Chester Bennington was neither.

My first taste of Linkin Park was when I was 13 in 2003 with Breaking the Habit, it was being played on my friends tv. I was glued to the video and I didn’t know it, but by the end of the that single song…I was in love.

My friend, as a random present, gave me Collision Course. Again I loved it as much as all their other songs.

There has never been an album of theirs that I didn’t fail to love and would listen to on repeat for days at-a-time. I still do.

There has never been another band in my life that I’ve loved and connected with so much.

Today the world has lost a legend.

And I feel like I’ve been left with a hole that will never be filled.

RIP Chester.

Camp NaNoWriMo Vs NaNoWriMo

Camp NaNoWriMo 2017

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the concept of NaNoWriMo and I’m officially jumping off the NaNoWriMo train as of right now. I’m not doing going to be doing it this year.

I love it for it gives me a reason to put everything else aside and focus on my writing.

I hate it because it’s used by people who aren’t writers and then publishers and literary agencies get bombarded with terribly rough first drafts straight after November from people who had no intentions of being a writer beforehand.

CampNaNoWriMo on the other hand I just love!

CampNaNoWriMo gives everyone, whether they are writers, scriptwriters, poets or artists a chance to put what they love into focus for the month. They can all go at their own pace. You don’t have to throw shit at the wall in the hope that it sticks. You can make you’re own goal!

It gives you the urge to put your passion before everything else for a whole month and get’s the clogs in the brain working again without having to strain yourself and ruin your work trying to up your word count.

So, for me personally: CampNaNoWriMo trumps NaNoWriMo.

My First Cold Script Reading

I don’t get anxious. I’ve finally reached that inner-peace where I just don’t worry, because worrying doesn’t help anyone and it makes you suffer WAY more than is needed. Interviews I can do, talking in front of people I can do without even thinking about it.

So I found something that scares me slightly and went for it…

I went in for my first cold script reading. And for the first time in a long time, I got really anxious beforehand. I hate being anxious, because I know it’s only me who’s suffering and nobody else bloody cares what’s going inside your head.

If it wasn’t for a friend being there with me most likely, I would’ve gone home. But because she’s stubborn, she made me go in and do the cold reading.

It was in a Costa cafe, downstairs in a brick-walled dark dungeon-like seating are. It was so dark I could barely make out the lines.

I got paired up with a girl who did the whole acting-school and degree and here I waltz into the place barely having any classes. The closes I came to acting is an extra in a movie video and school drama lessons. So, we run through our lines beforehand and then we go down.

Now, the anxiety has slightly subsided. The people who run are super nice, this other girl is super nice and not saying anything about my bad line-reading and we go down into this dungeon.

All I see is a little red blinking light of a camera.

“Stand over there and go ahead.”

That was all that is said and we read the lines.

I did a script reading, in front of a camera!!

It’s something ticked off my to-do list. Cold Script Reading is now not going to be so daunting to me. It also made me realise how much I LOVE the whole anxious nervousness of auditions. It’s a high without the bloody drugs! I just want to keep doing them now!

The lesson this has thought me? Get the bloody hell out of your comfort-zone!! Even if you need someone [a friend] to keep you outside, then get them! Because the come-down of the anxiety and panic afterwards is so worth it. You feel like you can take on the world!

CampNaNoWriMo – Day 6

Camp Nanowrimo Banner, Camp Nanowrimo 2017

Yep, trying my hand at Camp NaNoWriMo for the second time this year. Won it in April with 22,000 words written of a 20k goal.

I passed 10k yesterday morning, while missing the second and third day due to being sick. I’m only reaching for 25k this time around and so I took yesterday off from writing.

The one reason why I gotten so far so quick? My head is in my book twenty-four hours a day.

I go to bed wanting to stay up and keep writing. Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t so in love with my bed and I could stay up and write.

Trying my hardest to get two manuscripts ready for my beta reader. Was hoping to have them done this weekend, but that’s a long shot. Could be manageable if I don’t leave the laptop for the next 48-hours.

Maybe I can get them ready for next week.

Keep Writing Shit Until You Find the Gem

I got talking to one of my closest friend yesterday in a pub, over a pint of Bulmers and a virgin cocktail.

Like all the rest of our meet-ups, our conversation went onto our writing.

We both started writing our main novels around the same time. All the way back in college!

She’d always get motivated after meeting up and then run home and type out load of chapters that she’d send to me to read over. I’d get excited and dying for more and she’d say she was going to work on, she hit a writer’s block…but I never hear anything back.

It’s easily been over a year and from meeting up I found out she still hasn’t made progress.

She says that she hates her writing, that it’s shit. And my answer is that first drafts are always shit or that writers/artists the majority of the time think their work is shit until someone tells them otherwise.

It was interested to see the two sides of the same coin.

I think my writing is shit, always will. But I keep chipping away at it, editing and rewriting scenes and chapters. Yes, I have weeks where I don’t touch it, but it’s always on my mind and I will always go back to it. Somedays I can’t bare to look at while other’s it’s all I stare at for hours-at-a-time.

Writing isn’t just going to happen. That book that you have in your head isn’t going to appear over night. Life is going to get in the way…no matter how hard you try to not let it.

For all my writing friends. Just don’t let yourself get in the way too.

Keep chipping away!

You need to uncover that gem that’s underneath all the shit you keep seeing.

Supernatural – I Just Don’t Know Why I’m Still Bothered.

I always stick with a show till the very end. I’ve never been in this position before.

The writers are are disjointed from one another. They don’t understand the show the same way as Kripke, Robbie Thompson or Adam Glass. They just kill of characters for shock value and then they’re left with nobody to build the story around and it’s given us this shitty twelfth season.

[please note, the following was written before the finale]

On all other seasons we had a good over-arching storyline that brought us through the season, this season we don’t really have one.

The only two things keeping it together:

The boy’s coming to terms with their mammy being back.I really really thought Mary was going to be different, like the charming younger version of her as she’s only supposed to be a few years older than that. Her characteristics just don’t cut it for me. I don’t want her to be all loving to the boy’s because she doesn’t know them, but she doesn’t feel like the Mary that we saw in the past.

The Lucifer baby drama that hasn’t been really that exciting. It’s just waiting for the baby to pop, and I have a very bad feeling that nothing is going to come from it- that they’re going to be transported to this other purgatory-esgue setting for the finale and the start of next season. I’m not all that excited about either. Remember last time they said this it only lasted a fraction of two episodes?

Then there’s the British Men of Letters – they just seem to be all over the place, whether they’re coming or going I just don’t know. There’s no dept to their organisation or to them that it makes it all seem so pathetic.

I don’t know how they’re going to save this, not after the disaster of killing Eileen and the diabolical bad writing of There’s Something about Mary. They’ve done the whole Big Bad too many times and Lucifer is just annoying that I’d bring Dick back than sit through another scene with Lucifer- who was WAY better in earlier seasons.

The finale does have I’m looking forward to in the finale are:

  • Finding out who that guy is with his face covered
    For the Dean and Mary fight.
  • These two things are the only reason I’ll watch the finale.

    The overall excitement of the show is gone.

    It just seems to be chugging along now, not really going anywhere.


    Sorry for my absence.

    I don’t have so much free time as a I used too, my sis is home with my new nephew and been running to-and-fro with everyday life.

    This site also started glitching and I wasn’t willing to write anything until I figured how to fix it. Turns out it’s just me being stupid.

    New posts should be arriving over the next week. [just noticed I didn’t edit my last post…doh!]

    Hope everyone is having a good year so far!

    March Madness

    Ahh!! It’s the 1st of March today and so I woke up bright and early and decided to write a post!

    My March Madness Goals

    Editing this book is getting ridiculous. It’s taking forever, I’m only on chapter 6 so far and my plan is to just get it done and over with, so my aim is to finish editing it by the end of March. I’ve been editing this book on-and-off now for a few years [but it has had four completely gut-outs and do-overs]. It’s staying the way it is and I’m pushing to finally get it out to Beta Readers by the end of the month.

    Burn 500-calories a day. I missed my morning walk this morning, but I still have my night walk and workout to get March 1st to about 700 burned calories. I also had my fatty day yesterday with it being Pancake Tuesday….along with a takeaway and home-baked cookies. I need to sweat for the rest of the week….woop!!

    Money Wise
    I’m going to buy glasses someday this week. I was supposed to go tonight, but the store never got back in touch so it might be the weekend. I lost my old glasses so really need to buy new ones and I’m so excited!! My previous glasses I’ve had since secondary school.

    Acting – I’ve been asked to three auditions so far, but I keep getting cold feet with the notion that You’re a fraud, you don’t know what you’re doing so I’m going to sign up to either of two 8-week acting courses that I have my eyes on, might be later in the year as one of the teachers hasn’t been in touch and the next class starts next Monday.

    I just noticed a very common thread now….why are people not getting back in touch with me?

    What’s everyone’s March’s goals?

    Let’s all keep moving forward and upwards!!

    Fingers in Too Many Pies?

    I always wondered why it’s tough to nail down a job and I’ve figured it out:

    You got too many pies! [or the things you can do]

    I know, I have my fingers in all these different but wonderful pies, but my history has all of them being these little parts of a bigger job.

    Job hunting puts you up against people who have a degree in graphic design, acting or have years of magazine design or whatever you done in college.

    Then there’s just little ole you booping along wanting someone to give you a break, waving your college’s magazine, graphics or writing examples at them.

    My tip for anyone in the same position:

    You roll with it!

    Sometimes a job has nothing to add to your collection of pies that you’ve spent years crafting. Don’t let this get you down! Because you may just end up picking up another wonderful pie along the way!

    You can never have too many pies! Life is for collecting all the pies!!