AC/DC – The Heartache of Nearly Seeing Them

AC/DC played in Portugal this passed Saturday, and all I could think was that if only I went on my holidays to Portugal two weeks later, I could’ve gone. 

Being upset at the whole idea of being able to get a ticket and seeing them if I wanted to, I researched and found that they’re going to be in London on the 7th of June.

I would’ve bought the ticket then and there, if I was only brave enough to go to a gig by myself. Going to a gig by myself, is something I have never done before and it just seems like a very depressing affair to put yourself through. People getting drunk and having a great time with their friends while little loner me just tries to enjoy the show and not get too drunk that I forget how to get back to your hotel.

My texts went out to anybody I could think would even want to go and see them- which wasn’t a lot, because nearly everybody likes poppy or EDM music.

The price all together for the ticket, the plane ticket and the two days over in England? About €500. That’s once you change it to pounds. There is nobody in my circle of people who even remotely likes them to be mentally able to slap down €500 to see them.

This is just yet another item to going on my ‘Music Icons I Never Got To See’ on my list of Bucket List, alongside Michael Jackson.


I’ve moved to self-hosting!

My Sunday morning was taken up of trying to move my blog. Took a lot of googling and when I stopped being an idiot- The World of Sarah Lou has been moved!

Nothing has changed and if you’re seeing this means I haven’t lost you in the move. I’m officially off! After months and months of thinking about it I did it!!

Waiting for my stats to move over to the new site now and then once I have it up and running, with new posts and whatnot I’ll have the exciting task of picking a new theme for it.


Holiday Time!!

My family own a couple of properties in Portugal and I haven’t been since I was 18 [about 7 years ago] because I always remember that I just legally allowed to drink.

I’m finally going back over with the family. The family being my mam, nanny, two aunts and two cousins.

It’s only going to be from Thursday to Monday, but it’s still going to be nice to not have to stress about work or worry about stupid things. To just do whatever I want which will end up with either drink or food involved.

I’m debating on if I should bring my laptop with me. I know there is going to be times where there’s nothing to do and I pretty sure that if I don’t bring I’ll just get lightly irritated about not being able to write or send emails. Could easily only be a few minutes in the morning or afternoon. Think I’m going to bring it. Now I just need to figure out the wi-if situation.

I didn’t think I’d be looking forward to it- it’s a small place in Portugal and I’m just going to relax, not to go wild, but I’m sooo looking forward to it. Maybe put me mind at ease.


The Weekend of Christmas Spirit!

This weekend has left my Christmas-ed out. It all started on Friday…

After everyone giving out, with me being the only person with a Christmas jumper. I was going to go for Christmas drinks, but by the end of the day, I was just too tired. While walking home, I was thankful because the pubs and bars were already busy and I would’ve ended up having to drag two bags into cramp spaces while trying not to lose them. Not my ideal Christmas drinks.

Saturday morning I got up super early…

This was what I was staring at at 9am on Saturday morning, getting pretol to go into town. Had to get in early to miss the crowds.Just had to get the last few presents.

[been sending messages while writing this, scratch that- still got a present to buy for the bestie]

I’m super proud of what I got everyone, but I really like what I got my brother that I was very tempted to take my brother’s present and keep it for myself.


Mulled Wine 

My one-and-only nanny usually makes this mulled wine on Christmas day that everyone shimmies over to her house to get a glass, but for the first time ever she won’t be here for Christmas [she’s going down to the country to my uncle] so I’ve taken it upon myself to make mulled wine… and it didn’t turn out half-bad. Still not as nice as nanny’s, but it’ll do for Christmas.








I am a tiny bit drunk on my first glass right now, but I’m going to make it Christmas morning and be merry and cheerful for the day.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them [2016]


Okay, I’m not excited about it, I have to admit.I use to be a HUGE Harry Potter fan.When we saw this trailer it went into a big discussion of who was the bigger Harry Potter fan, and said people thought I wasn’t a fan of Harry Potter- this was when I pulled out my fanfiction.

Yes, I use to write Harry Potter fan fiction. It’s probably the only reason I got so good at writing, becasue I was hooked on getting feedback and getting major fans. I got to ‘legend’ status on said fanfiction site that people use to fangirl and gush when my ‘high’ self left reviews.

The fanfics are still up [I left them up for my fans to continue to enjoy them]. But I hate this whole ‘I’m a bigger Harry Potter fan-thing that Harry Potter fans have going on.

I will see this movie, but I doubt I’ll go and see it in the cinema. Wait till it comes out on dvd and see it then- this is just people trying to make money from the franchise, and has nothing to do with the original story – but is all focused on money-making.


To buy an IPhone or not?

I’m thinking of buying an IPhone in the new Year, I currently have an IPhone 5 for the last few years. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I want to upgrade.

But I don’t know if I’ll be able to hand over €700-€800 on a phone. I don’t want to go back in a contract, because I use A LOT of data, and the bill plans don’t cover unlimited data, and if I pay €20 in prepay I can get unlimited data.

Has anyone bought an IPhone outright? Was it worth it? I think it’s just crazy spending so much money on a phone, but theres’ nothing else that even comes close to Apple.


First Guitar Lesson

Went to my first ever guitar lesson last night. It was a disaster to say the least.

A little bit of background.

I did a semester of music when I did transition year [a year that students can choose to do or not] and during that time you practically just waste a year, do work experience and go on little trips to random places. Well, one thing that my class did is that we got a choice to try all the modules that we never took before… music being one of them for me.


[Last Christmas Day]

During those handful of weeks, I became the worst in the class. The teacher would run off and make us read music sheets [something I hadn’t done for at least 3 years prior] and we’d all be sitting there, guitars in hands, and she’d call out notes…I was lost, and she would repeatedly point me out [in a fun way] and because I didn’t have a guitar at home, I couldn’t practice. It wasn’t all bad- I was able to play a few songs out…eventually. At the time it didn’t bother me as much, but as the years passed [at least 10 now] it really got to me that I couldn’t play guitar [well, the way I wanted too, anyway]. I think it’s the combination that I love the sound of music and most of the songs I love have guitars in them, and then the whole fact that practically everyone can play the guitar…it couldn’t be as hard as school made it out to be… right?

It turns out, it is.

I walked towards the music school at 19:35, it’s slightly out of my direct route home, but still on the way home. I was waiting at the door when this 7-year-old comes with her dad and guitar slugged over her back…I felt like a kid again, waiting to do a Tang Soo Doo class in the cold gym hall. The air of smugness of the daughter and father didn’t help my feelings in the slightest – or probably I was so wrapped up in this excitement/anxiety running around inside me.

My instructor talks me through what we’d do over the next few weeks if I choose to do the classes. It seems very daunting, but that reading music wouldn’t come into it…thank god!

I sat in front of my instructor, guitar balanced on my lap, with the feeling like he’s scrutinising every-little-way I’m holding onto my instrument. He’s impressed that I know the guitar strings by heart, but then comes the finger positions for the note E and A Minor. These are the exact same positions, just a line down from one another…probably the easiest two notes to change to-and-from…think I could do it? Nope. Not a hope in hell.

He had to show me the basics, such as holding a pic the right way. The right angle to put my fingers at. Yep, lost it all in those few years.

Then came the strumming…I was flicking my wrist too much and how many strings do I have to hit again?? Where does the bottom string keep going to?? I just couldn’t hit all the strings, no matter how much I wanted to.

I got a tonne of homework to do for next week. Such as practicing the music notes and strumming the strings.

Learning the guitar is an extremely daunting process.

You’re weird if you keep a diary!

We were having a conversation one day last week, and one of the guys said a off-hand comment about diaries, along the lines off:

“Who the hell keep a diary?”

It just struck me as odd that she would think such a thing. Why wouldn’t you want to write down your thoughts and feelings to be able to read them years later?

Along with these thoughts I have pictures of younger me and of times gone by with best friends I no longer talk to, but I treasure this book and will keep it for the rest of my life.

Why wouldn’t you want to have a box of memories to read through when you’re old and forgetful?

How about making something that when you’re no longer here that your great-great grand kid or even grandchild can read to see what their grandmother use to be like and what she got up to?

I always remembered when I was a kid/preteen and sitting on my bed at night writing away in my diary that I got off my aunt. I don’t know where it’s gone to now, but I do remember the joy of being able to read back on my younger self’s life and reading about days that I completely forgotten about and just getting a little feeling of younger-me back felt wonderful.

Why wouldn’t you want that? By doing something so simple as jotting down your thoughts for less than five minutes whenever there’s something interesting to talk about?

Is it really that weird nowadays for people to have a diary?

My [hopefully] life-long buddy.