Day 6 – Friday! Friday! Friday!

Thank god it’s the weekend! Not that I’m loving work, but just to have the lie-in in the morning will just be wonderful! [may spend the majority of the day in bed]

The guys got Amsterdam-styled mushrooms [i didn’t, getting drunk for me is a push] and they’re going to the park tomorrow. I said I would go, but I’m not taking any and it’s more to laugh at them as their tripping [and also to keep them safe…of course].

I keep getting updates from home and the bonding-moments between Bruce and Stephen- going for walks, brushing etc etc. It’s soo sweet!! I keep being told that Bruce doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, goes into a big depression phase and doesn’t know what to do with himself…I miss him terribly too, the women took us one-by-one for a talk today, to see how we’re getting on and everything, and it really hit me that I miss my baby soo darn much. Sad to say, but that’s how it is.

The other thing that I’m finding really hard is all my ‘me time’. I’m lucky to get 20 mins to myself with a little 2-bedroom apartment with five other people.

I also miss my bestie. I’m not on the same wave-lenght as the other people around me. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and get along really well with them. But their sense of humour and the way they communicate is soo not what I’m use to. Again, I’m trying my best and I do really like the guys, they’re just too different from me. I knew this about myself before coming over, I get along better with a certain type of person- it’s the way I am, nothing bad or anything I can change. Just got to roll with it.

Going to try and get in touch with publishers and peeps tonight, and hopefully get some work done on book 2, as I haven’t touched it since coming here.

Let’s see what the first weekend in Amsterdam brings!!

Toodles for now! 

Day 4 – 5 : Mouses and Cars

So, I’m a day late with this post. You’ll understand at the end why it’s late.

So, woke up on Wednesday morning to the story of the boys having a mouse in their room [they’re boys, you can imagine what their room is like] and there’s three in the one room… Yea, it stunk like men by the second day.

They had a mouse, and called it Maggy. They chased it around the room and tried to take photos, but unlike me, they could go back to sleep afterwards.

IMG_2275I got updates on Bruce… This is the photo of them trying to get him for his first walk without me, he’s totally confused. They only did it because he’s gotten all depressed. I warned them to go out with him everyday, but they don’t walk him so I was kinda expecting that they would slack off on the walking with their jobs and life going about. I miss him terribly.

We got lost last night going to a talk about Community Management, well- the phone with the map to the place died on us, and we ended up trying to look for it for nearly a whole 2 hours!! The canals all look the same and we were going in the completely wrong direction for ages!!

Got up extra early this morning as I’m missing my nice cup of coffee and headed to the Starbucks just down the road…


[Was it just me, but I didn’t know that ‘Sarah’ is the IRISH spelling of it, or was I misinformed?]

Well, I have to share something with you guys! While we were lost and aimlessly walking about, I did stumble across a Buick:


Isn’t it just gorgeous?! Even though we were rushing, I made sure I got a photo of it!


Us just being tourists!

Day 3 : The Neverending Night

Hey everyone!!

So, sitting here in the new office, it’s break time. Everyone is gone to the shops- I don’t know why I didn’t go, I just didn’t. So, I’m writing this on the downtime now.

I had the worst night’s sleep every—no rephrase that. I had the worst night ever last night. I DID NOT SLEEP.

We all went to bed at around 12:30…good, right.

Lauren [the other girl] fell asleep straight away- I knew by the loud snore she gave off as she rolled over. I still laid wide awake on my own bed…

I was too warm 

  [that’s me at 4:12am in the morning]

Not the nice warm – the taking the blanket off and just wear your light pjs warm- because that didn’t help. I still had sweat rolling down my back even without any blanket on and even with my super light pjs. I still do not know why I was so warm. I thought it was the room, as it doesnt have a window, but a balcony, so you can’t exactly open it up during the night. I took my bedsheets and my pillow, walked across the tiny landing and into the sitting room, where I tried to fall asleep on this sofa-bed hybrid thing in the room. It was still too warm. It turned 3am, and suddenly I saw heard scratching. I thought it was something I moved, but then I heard scurrying. I turned on my light and there it was….

A tiny little mouse scurrying about on the table in the room, all over the leftover empty packets of food and beer cans. I was petrified. I wrapped myself in a blanket burrito and sat there for the remainder of the night. I text everyone I knew to let them know and went onto Facebook to find out who was still up… turned out that my cousin was awake.

Talked to her for an hour, before she he’d to head to bed but it brought me to 4am. The heat was getting to me, and it pushed me to go to the window and sit on the black chair for the rest of the night. Watching as Amsterdam came to life, it was amazing.

I didn’t even wanted to go back to sleep, but forced myself to get back into bed…managed to grab [i think] at least an hour of shut-eye before I heard an alarm from the other room going off, and I sprung up like a spring-chicken and dashed for the shower before anyone got there before me.

Training was amazing. I really enjoyed today! We found out which platforms the people in the group were strong with and ones that they didn’t know how to work. I use most of them, so I already know the majority of what they were saying.

Hope I sleep like a baby tonight!!

Day 2 – Red Light District

Our Offices!!! Such a cool building, right?

the lovely view out our window…

The living room.

My bedroom!! The table with the blue bag on it is where I’m sitting typing this up! So cute!

It’s the second day in Amsterdam. The first day in work.

The first day of work, and we didn’t do anything. It was more of getting to know everyone and improv. The same kind of things I did in acting classes back in Ireland. Still felt completely awkward, but it was fun.

Two of the guys already bought hash, they only lasted a few hours in the city before we went walking and stumbled into a Hash Bar, where they bought €25 worth of it. I didn’t try any!! Haven’t tried any type of drug ever, so I’ll see how it goes…

At the end of the work day we went to the Volgrant Park, where we had a picnic with the girls who run Illuminata [the company who’s training us] and ourselves. Really sweet.

We went to the Red Light District though! And, sadly, it was such a bummer. It was soo tiny!! We walked around for a bit and then we headed to bar, had a drink and then one of the guys and I left to walk around a bit more. I went to the Red Light District, and guess what I bough? You’d think some raunchy sex garment or toy, right? Nope….my first ever box of macaroons!! So nice! I’m in love with them.

Some cool artwork we saw while walking around… Pretty neat, huh?

did get slightly home-sick this morning. ALREADY!!! Probably because I miss my dog waking me up or just rolling over and seeing him lying on the ground. I miss Bruce something terrible, I didn’t think I was going to be so bad. My sis is sending me pics this morning of him on his bed. She’s also going on her honeymoon tomorrow morning. She was the worst to say goodbye to, because I’m not going to see her for at least another year!! 🙁

But the good part though is that we have WIFI in the apartment and the offices, so I can text and send photos to everyone without paying a penny!! I’m an hour behind home so when I get up at 8, my mam is up at 7, and when it’s midnight here, my dad is on lunch on his night-time job. So it works out pretty well.


I’m just popping this up to let everyone know I’m heading to Amsterdam on the 5th of July till the 7th of August with a new job.

I have never travelled by myself or even been to Amsterdam. So, I’d say my reviews will cease for that time period and my blog posts will be about my travels and what I get up.

It’s going to be one heck of a ride- being with new people, in a new job, and in a country I have never been before- and have never thought I’d ever go to.

Should be fun, right?