Keep Writing Shit Until You Find the Gem

I got talking to one of my closest friend yesterday in a pub, over a pint of Bulmers and a virgin cocktail.

Like all the rest of our meet-ups, our conversation went onto our writing.

We both started writing our main novels around the same time. All the way back in college!

She’d always get motivated after meeting up and then run home and type out load of chapters that she’d send to me to read over. I’d get excited and dying for more and she’d say she was going to work on, she hit a writer’s block…but I never hear anything back.

It’s easily been over a year and from meeting up I found out she still hasn’t made progress.

She says that she hates her writing, that it’s shit. And my answer is that first drafts are always shit or that writers/artists the majority of the time think their work is shit until someone tells them otherwise.

It was interested to see the two sides of the same coin.

I think my writing is shit, always will. But I keep chipping away at it, editing and rewriting scenes and chapters. Yes, I have weeks where I don’t touch it, but it’s always on my mind and I will always go back to it. Somedays I can’t bare to look at while other’s it’s all I stare at for hours-at-a-time.

Writing isn’t just going to happen. That book that you have in your head isn’t going to appear over night. Life is going to get in the way…no matter how hard you try to not let it.

For all my writing friends. Just don’t let yourself get in the way too.

Keep chipping away!

You need to uncover that gem that’s underneath all the shit you keep seeing.

Supernatural – I Just Don’t Know Why I’m Still Bothered.

I always stick with a show till the very end. I’ve never been in this position before.

The writers are are disjointed from one another. They don’t understand the show the same way as Kripke, Robbie Thompson or Adam Glass. They just kill of characters for shock value and then they’re left with nobody to build the story around and it’s given us this shitty twelfth season.

[please note, the following was written before the finale]

On all other seasons we had a good over-arching storyline that brought us through the season, this season we don’t really have one.

The only two things keeping it together:

The boy’s coming to terms with their mammy being back.I really really thought Mary was going to be different, like the charming younger version of her as she’s only supposed to be a few years older than that. Her characteristics just don’t cut it for me. I don’t want her to be all loving to the boy’s because she doesn’t know them, but she doesn’t feel like the Mary that we saw in the past.

The Lucifer baby drama that hasn’t been really that exciting. It’s just waiting for the baby to pop, and I have a very bad feeling that nothing is going to come from it- that they’re going to be transported to this other purgatory-esgue setting for the finale and the start of next season. I’m not all that excited about either. Remember last time they said this it only lasted a fraction of two episodes?

Then there’s the British Men of Letters – they just seem to be all over the place, whether they’re coming or going I just don’t know. There’s no dept to their organisation or to them that it makes it all seem so pathetic.

I don’t know how they’re going to save this, not after the disaster of killing Eileen and the diabolical bad writing of There’s Something about Mary. They’ve done the whole Big Bad too many times and Lucifer is just annoying that I’d bring Dick back than sit through another scene with Lucifer- who was WAY better in earlier seasons.

The finale does have I’m looking forward to in the finale are:

  • Finding out who that guy is with his face covered
    For the Dean and Mary fight.
  • These two things are the only reason I’ll watch the finale.

    The overall excitement of the show is gone.

    It just seems to be chugging along now, not really going anywhere.


    Sorry for my absence.

    I don’t have so much free time as a I used too, my sis is home with my new nephew and been running to-and-fro with everyday life.

    This site also started glitching and I wasn’t willing to write anything until I figured how to fix it. Turns out it’s just me being stupid.

    New posts should be arriving over the next week. [just noticed I didn’t edit my last post…doh!]

    Hope everyone is having a good year so far!

    March Madness

    Ahh!! It’s the 1st of March today and so I woke up bright and early and decided to write a post!

    My March Madness Goals

    Editing this book is getting ridiculous. It’s taking forever, I’m only on chapter 6 so far and my plan is to just get it done and over with, so my aim is to finish editing it by the end of March. I’ve been editing this book on-and-off now for a few years [but it has had four completely gut-outs and do-overs]. It’s staying the way it is and I’m pushing to finally get it out to Beta Readers by the end of the month.

    Burn 500-calories a day. I missed my morning walk this morning, but I still have my night walk and workout to get March 1st to about 700 burned calories. I also had my fatty day yesterday with it being Pancake Tuesday….along with a takeaway and home-baked cookies. I need to sweat for the rest of the week….woop!!

    Money Wise
    I’m going to buy glasses someday this week. I was supposed to go tonight, but the store never got back in touch so it might be the weekend. I lost my old glasses so really need to buy new ones and I’m so excited!! My previous glasses I’ve had since secondary school.

    Acting – I’ve been asked to three auditions so far, but I keep getting cold feet with the notion that You’re a fraud, you don’t know what you’re doing so I’m going to sign up to either of two 8-week acting courses that I have my eyes on, might be later in the year as one of the teachers hasn’t been in touch and the next class starts next Monday.

    I just noticed a very common thread now….why are people not getting back in touch with me?

    What’s everyone’s March’s goals?

    Let’s all keep moving forward and upwards!!

    Fingers in Too Many Pies?

    I always wondered why it’s tough to nail down a job and I’ve figured it out:

    You got too many pies! [or the things you can do]

    I know, I have my fingers in all these different but wonderful pies, but my history has all of them being these little parts of a bigger job.

    Job hunting puts you up against people who have a degree in graphic design, acting or have years of magazine design or whatever you done in college.

    Then there’s just little ole you booping along wanting someone to give you a break, waving your college’s magazine, graphics or writing examples at them.

    My tip for anyone in the same position:

    You roll with it!

    Sometimes a job has nothing to add to your collection of pies that you’ve spent years crafting. Don’t let this get you down! Because you may just end up picking up another wonderful pie along the way!

    You can never have too many pies! Life is for collecting all the pies!!

    2017 – The Year of Yes

    2017 didn’t get off on a good footing, so bad with my anxiety that I ended up in church for the first time in 1.5 years. I’m all good now though.

    This year is the year of ‘YES’. Yes to meeting people, yes to walking the dog, yes to job hunting…whatever it’s going to be yes.

    So far, it’s going good after saying yes to every meeting or group gathering so far, I’m upbeat and giddy again- I haven’t been like this in well over a year. I’m happy to see everyone and happy about every day joys.

    I’ve sent my book off to a competition and rewrote the query letter for said book. I’m going to get around to more agents/publishers at the weekend and I’m loving it more ever single time I work on it [so much better than last year when it was struggle to even look at it most days]

    The goals for 2017 are:

    Acting/Modelling. I may be shit at one or both of these but I dipped my toes in both a few years back and I want to do get back into it again.

    New job. Obviously. Waiting to hear back from an interview I had before Christmas, so I’m hoping it’s good news.

    Read more. I still haven’t started this for 2017, between the rocky start and everyday meetings of all the ‘yes’ that I keep saying it has not happened. But I’m staying in tomorrow night [well, right now….oh shit, no I’m not] okay… I’m going to start over the weekend when I get the chance.

    Health – I want to go at least go 2 days-a-week without coffee. This has been made harder because my family bought my a capsule coffee machine. Going to lost a few more pounds and I’m happy, my main focus isn’t about losing weight any more, but rather just eat healthy.

    Find Love. I’ve already started this, but other came from it. I went on a date last Friday but I haven’t heard from them and that’s fine. Just going to keep trying.

    Travelling. Well, the plans is to go to Australia to my sister to help her home with her adorable new son. I’m dying to get over to them, everything is just baby…baby everything. I’ve even gone to town for myself and end up looking at baby clothes for hours.

    Saving. I want to buy a car and start driving. I want to go on hikes at the weekends and just hop in my little car and drive anywhere. But I do I want a 1967 Mustang- so a lot of saving to do.

    Writing Yes, the beginning of 2017 writing has come to a standstill. I nearly made it to 100k words for 2016, but 2017 I’m going to try and complete at least 4 drafts of some work in progresses that have been sitting untouched for a while. I’ve already sent off another manuscript into writing competitions and spending the weekend sending to publishers and agents.

    So, to everyone reading this, Happy New Year!

    I hope you all have a fantastic 2017 and that you achieve all your goals and all your wishes come true.

    The Christmas of Books!

    I ended up getting involved in Secret Santa and we have to buy one another books from a wish list that we’ve made and only €20 to spend. I thought it was a good idea, so I agreed to do it.

    Now though? I’m back to being a bookworm. I have a good handful of book that I need to get through and to start off 2017 reviews but I also have another huge 100+ long list of books that I am dying to buy.

    It’s just- why is there so many books to choose from? There’s not enough time or money and it’s all down to you on whether you pick a good book or waste your time on a bad book. Then you try and keep up with all the new titles coming out and it’s enough to scare the normal sane person away from reading.

    In 2016, I read 11 books, four of which were short and a few of them I ended up DNF-ing because they didn’t hold me.

    I have about 20-ish books already to read for 2017 and I’m aiming to read 50. I’m going to try and post regular updates again on here with reviews, cover reveals and what not.

    I cleaned up my bookshelves this morning, first thing. It was kinda weird. I opened my eyes and immediately got to cleaning my shelves without pre-meditating it.

    Now because my little bookworm has come back to life after a good 2 years of hibernations; I’m asking everyone to buy me book for Christmas.

    Here’s my Goodreads.

    Nanowrimo 2016 – Still Have Mixed Feelings.


    Nanowrimo is mid-way over and I’m finally writing a post about it while it’s on. For anyone who doesn’t know, Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. Basically you try to write 50,000 words in the month of November month.

    I still have love-hate relationship with it. That hasn’t changed.

    I always start off great at the start of the month- well not great- but I get consistent with writing again. The most I’ve written during a Nanowrimo before now was over 13,000 words. Not bad, but not exactly the 50k that they’re looking for.

    There’s a few reasons for this:

    One – Life just screws me over and I just lose steam or time.
    Two – I run into a massive wall of writer’s block that I can’t bulldoze my way through
    Three – and the one that happens most of the time – I realise how absolutely ridiculous Nanowrimo is.

    I’m at about 26,000 words at the moment, the best I’ve done in Nanowrimo ever, but the same thoughts have started to swirl around.

    Nanowrimo isn’t for writers. You should not need Nanowrimo to write. This is one of the major issues I have with the whole concept of it. One day at the start of the month I came across a topic on the forum- probably the reason why I kind of went ‘screw it’ with this Nanowrimo- the majority of people who do Nanowrimo- and please, I’m not talking about everybody, a large amount of them don’t write any other time…

    This does not make a lick of sense to me either. Why spend all this time writing something that you have no intention of going back to or doing anything with? Some people just do it for the sake of doing it. I get that you have a story at the end of the 30 days and that you can feel proud. I just don’t understand why someone would give themselves the extra stress of writing a novel when they don’t actually like writing?? That’s like me picking up a paint brush and painting for 30 days straight just to say I have splodges of colour on a canvas…it doesn’t make sense.

    See, I use Nanowrimo not to ‘win’…winning is not the goal for me with Nanowrimo. I use to get back into writing every-single-day. Then I get to a certain point where I know what I’m putting down is pure shit. That’s when I stop aiming for the 50k and just keep going at my own pace. I don’t care anymore about the end count. As long as I keep up with writing every-single-day, whether it’s 500 or 5,000 words, I’m happy. I’m not forcing it out of me just for the sake of it. I know that I most likely will go back and edit and delete everything I write, but again, I want to at least make a bit of sense than complete nonsense.

    There’s just a fine line between writing and throwing shit at the wall hoping it’ll stick. That’s the line I just don’t cross, no matter how much I would love to write 50,000 words in one month, my writing still needs to make me feel something.

    Supernatural 12×06 ‘Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox’


    Rating: ★★★

    This episode was a nice change form the norm, the boy’s weren’t specifically going out of their way to hunt something, but were taking the time to catch up with Jody, which in turn leads them to kind of having a hunt. I wish all episode were like this and not following the same linear episode-line.

    The one thing that is getting on my nerves this season is the whole ‘you’re going to be fine’ speech. I get that hunters say that to victims to make them feel better, but can’t the writers not sit down and figure out how to not repeat the same conversation over-and-over again? I think that’s three episodes now that have had the same conversation.

    The only huge plot hole in this episode is the fact that we have all these hunters- who’ve spent their lives looking over their shoulders- show up to this one house, and the only thing that they have between them is one demon knife that Dean has. No holy water or a pistol shoved down the inside of a boot??

    The fact that there are stories going around about Sam and Dean in the hunting community was a nice addition to the episode, but it didn’t come as a surprise, because hunters all knew about Sam being the ‘demon child’ and then opening hell. So, why would hunters stop hearing stories about them? I wish that we got more information on what stories were being told. Like, do they know about Cas and about Dean being a demon? Because they all knew about how many times Dean had been dead. The conversation didn’t happen the way it should’ve gone. The hunter should’ve pushed for more questions than just ‘death didn’t take’ – like, what about the time that Sam was ringing around looking for leads on his Knight of Hell brother? Nothing came up about it.

    The cannon thing that annoyed me about this episode is the notion that Mary was still hunting even after having Sam and Dean? If she was still hunting then she would’ve had the house warded against demons and supernatural entities, so Azazel would’ve never made it into Sammy’s room and she would’ve never died. If she was still hunting, she would’ve left guns and equipment hidden around the place just for ‘safe keeping’ – the same way Dean continued to do when he tried to live a normal life.

    The possibility that this was the end of the Mary-train was a shock. I wouldn’t put it pass Supernatural to pull a stunt like that, that it was such a relief when she didn’t go. But it also foreshadowing what’s going to happen; Mary isn’t staying around, she’s going to have to die, and by the sounds of it, she’s going to have to take her own life. Sacrificing herself for one of the boys-then everything would be tied up in a nice little bow such as Supernatural always writes it. Absolutely and utterly depressing.

    PS: the twins totally need to come back into play in future episodes.

    Supernatural 12×03 ‘The Foundry’


    The Foundry is the first filler episode of the season, but unlike other filler episodes it hits right in the feels.

    Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I got confused halfway through this episode and the backstory of the ‘spirit’ wasn’t really developed that we barely got a grasp of who he was and then Mary just threw out her thoughts on him.

    Also, kinda was erliefet when the black goo coming from her eyes was from being possessed and not her body self-desctructing itself- which was my immediate thought when seeing the trailer.

    The ending. Wow. Did not see that coming. At first I was really annoyed, because since we’ve known Dean and Sam they’ve been wanting their mother back…then she walks out.

    I really wished John could’ve come back now instead of her. He would’ve been able to fit into their lives so much easier and natural. He knows them as people and it’s only been…what?…10 years since he’s died?

    I wasn’t expecting the way they ended it. Dean shutting Mary out of a hug and then Sam flinching at the sound of the door. Two episodes of happiness and they’re back to square one.

    In the words of Sam at the start of the episode:

    Now it’s all gone.

    I can see why Mary needs to leave. She’s been in her perfect heaven and now she’s down on earth with no John and two grownup men she doesn’t know. I can see the boy’s continue on hunting and Mary starting her own new life by herself.

    I hope that the boy’s can can stop looking for their mother or father to accept them, to make them proud. That they can finally lay all those thoughts to rest and just be glad that they have one another and Cas.

    I was a bit miffed at Cas stating that ‘he still doesn’t think he belongs’ – I don’t know, he’s been with the Winchesters long enough to feel a part of their family. They’ve told him time-and-time again how much he means to both of them. He knows how much they both care for him.

    The season is really up-in-the-air still on where the whole storyline is heading to. I have a feeling it’s going to be another show down with Lucifer- but how they’re planning that out is a mystery and how Mary links in with it is also confusing.

    Hopefully Sam and Dean have finally grown as people that they’re going to talk about what happened and not either dive into hunting [as stated in this episode] or hit the bottle. Because then I’m just going to be having a bad case of Deja vu.

    Also, Cas needs to bring the two out drinking and force both of them to talk.