Autumn – Favourite Time of The Year



Why do I love October so much?

  • Scarves!! Big wooly scarves.
  • Boots!! Boots can be worn again! It’s not too warm that our feet end up sweating and it’s not too icy that we go flat on our faces. Perfect booty weather
  • The weather is just perfect. It’s crisp and cool. Not too warm and not too cold.  I can’t be the only one who is really looking forward to my Autumn walks.
  • Hot drinks. hmmmm….hot chocolate. need I say more?
  • The Christmas buzz is already in the air. Not too much that we’re getting sick of it already, just a little good feeling amongst everyone.
  • Early nights. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE night time. I love walking around when it’s dark and the tranquil peace that comes with it. Nothing beats dark 7pm and there’s still the whole night ahead.
  • The sense of optimism with Autumn that no other season has.
  • TV SHOWS. YES! Our favourite TV shows are back on!! And getting dragged back into fandoms and obsession that we’ve had withdrawal symptoms all summer from.
  • Motivation. Autumn- well for me, anyway- brings with it this magically thing called motivation. I want to write everything….and I DO…. Like, I actually get shit done in Autumn that I would usually put off if it was any other season. There’s something just so… inspiring about Autumn that get’s my lazy ass moving again.