I’ve moved to self-hosting!

My Sunday morning was taken up of trying to move my blog. Took a lot of googling and when I stopped being an idiot- The World of Sarah Lou has been moved!

Nothing has changed and if you’re seeing this means I haven’t lost you in the move. I’m officially off WordPress.com! After months and months of thinking about it I did it!!

Waiting for my stats to move over to the new site now and then once I have it up and running, with new posts and whatnot I’ll have the exciting task of picking a new theme for it.


Getting Ready for a New Blog

I’ve been thinking on-and-off for a while now about changing my blog and self hosting it so I own my content.

TheWoldOfSarahLou is coming up to it’s 2nd year in August, and I think it’ll be nice to move it before then.

The one thing keeping me from moving? I can’t think of a new name for said blog. I’ve stuck with the same name that I first came up with, and I don’t think it’s good enough for a good blog. A name should be unique and imaginative that people will remember.

I’m going to be still be writing about the same things – but I’m going to be taking it more seriously, with more photos.

I’ve done all the googling about blog names that  I can do, and I’m still stuck. I have a new theme and I know exactly how it’s going to look like, the name has yet to come to me.

I want the name to show that I’m different. I want to put something about ‘rock’ into it- because I’m a rocker, but also something that tells people that it’s going to be about writing, books, fashion etc.


To go or to stay?

I nearly jumped over to self-hosting!

I’m still thinking about it. I keep going to look for the best hosting site with the thought that i’m going to do it, and then i whimp out and have an excuse of not doing it.

I keep thinking that people won’t be able to find my posts as the reader is where I get the most views. I really do want to get this theme that i saw though, with it I can make my site completely mine. I also like the idea that I have complete control over what I post. That I no longer have to worry about my blog being suddenly taking off-line.

I’m trying to hold it off. I want to get more serious about blogging, to stop putting it off and to post on a daily-basis, So from now till the new year I’ll try and post more regularly and see how it turns out.