September Plans


It’s finally my favourite time of the year…Autumn!! Where I can wear comfy jumpers, boots and get back drinking hot chocolate with cold fingers!!

The month is already looking to be a busy one, the plans so far are:

Write 15,000 words on two novels [30,000 words in total]. These are completely separate form one another and from any books I’ve written so far. I’m really looking forward to writing them.

Re-edit the beginning of my finished novel, and send it off to five publishers/agents by the 30th of this Month. This is going to be tough- I haven’t received feedback on what to change about the beginning from previous agents or publishers. Just that I should keep trying.

Getting back into my smoothie/juice diet and being healthy again.

I sent queries to another agent and a publisher last night. Bloody hell they take forever to get written!! I wanted to get more done, but I didn’t. It doesn’t get any easier, you panic, sweat a bit, and try and not to look at the send button while pressing it, as your heart thumps in your chest. Then the sudden stomach clenching fear that its gone, that you wont be able to bring it back, or stop it from reaching its destination.

It’s the same thing every.single.time.

I’m going to my aunt’s today to put up christmas decorations and she’s making dinner. I’m thinking of bringing my laptop with me, because I don’t watch television and can still talk and type at the same time. I had to write an article for a job yesterday as well (woah, yesterday was a productive day).