The Christmas of Books!

I ended up getting involved in Secret Santa and we have to buy one another books from a wish list that we’ve made and only €20 to spend. I thought it was a good idea, so I agreed to do it.

Now though? I’m back to being a bookworm. I have a good handful of book that I need to get through and to start off 2017 reviews but I also have another huge 100+ long list of books that I am dying to buy.

It’s just- why is there so many books to choose from? There’s not enough time or money and it’s all down to you on whether you pick a good book or waste your time on a bad book. Then you try and keep up with all the new titles coming out and it’s enough to scare the normal sane person away from reading.

In 2016, I read 11 books, four of which were short and a few of them I ended up DNF-ing because they didn’t hold me.

I have about 20-ish books already to read for 2017 and I’m aiming to read 50. I’m going to try and post regular updates again on here with reviews, cover reveals and what not.

I cleaned up my bookshelves this morning, first thing. It was kinda weird. I opened my eyes and immediately got to cleaning my shelves without pre-meditating it.

Now because my little bookworm has come back to life after a good 2 years of hibernations; I’m asking everyone to buy me book for Christmas.

Here’s my Goodreads.

My July/August TBR Pile

I went years without finishing a single book, well I probably did finish book, but books weren’t anywhere near my thoughts throughout the last few years.

I bought Angelfall in June 2015 and still hadn’t completed it in June 2016- let’s just say I recently demolished it in one sitting.

I also made a Goodreads account in June 2015, and I’ve only written 7 reviews. 3 of those were written in 2016…. yea, it was bad. I forgot about the giddiness and excitement of starting a new book, especially a new series and even when I don’t like book one I still continue on just to find out what happens.

Here’s my TBR pile:


I’m trying to stay around 20 books and only allow myself to buy a new book when I finish one of these. But, even right now, I’m waiting for another 2 books [the last 2 in the Penryn and End of Days Series.]

If you want to friend me on Goodreads, account is HERE

Harry reading everyone!!!



Bookshops are losing out.


I’ve spent the last 20-minutes of my life searching for books on my to-read 2016 pile. There was five in total, wouldn’t you have thought that at least one of the bookshops in Dublin would have one of the books?


I could- if I really wanted to- ring them up and ask for them to get it in, but why when I’m already on my laptop and a quick google search to the Bookdepository get’s me cheaper-than-usual paperbacks and all the books that I’m looking for.

Bookshops moan and complain that big online sites such as Amazon are taking away their business or they’re being squished by Kindle and Ebooks, but how about having a system in place that allows readers in search of physical books that they can order online.

I know you can walk into the store and ask them to get a book in. I did this while in the grips of a series when I was 14, but am I really going to go out of my way to go to a bookstore just to tell them to order a book in? Nope.

The Bookdepository just got €50 from me, and I’m already planning on going there to get new releases when they come out in 2016. I feel slightly let down, because the whole experience of walking around looking for the right book, to then flick through the pages won’t be there. But I’d rather have the books than to go on a cat-and-mouse trip to find them.

No Ebook 2016.

Bookstore are dying!

I just read this article about the decline of booksells and major bookshops are getting a massive hit. I was just in a bookstore yesterday, but that wasn’t to buy a book, but a silly little Chirstmas present. The one thing that stuck with me was the amount of people standing around with handfuls of book and reading through them.

I also bought 2 free ebooks off an author I follow on Twitter…because I couldn’t wait for the actual books to show up…

I feel terrible about myself. Because I always remember as a kid being in the middle of a brilliant series and getting the bookstore to order the next book in, then getting itchy fingers waiting for it to arrive…

I miss those days.

Books just lose their value when they’re in ebook-format. You don’t care i you do or don’t read it, but when it’s sitting on your shelf, staring at you- you’re more likely to pick it up and give it some love.

So, 2016 is the year that I Wwill not buy a single ebook. Not a single one. I’ll read ebooks that I’ve alrady downloaded, becasue it’s somewhere in the twenties now, but any other books I will buy in the physical form.

Anyone with me?

Anyone else want to join in my no-ebook 2016.

F Train – Excerpt


Title: F Train

Author: Richard Hilary Weber

Genre: Thriller

In a fast-paced thriller perfect for readers of Kathy Reichs and Linda Fairstein, dedicated Brooklyn cop Flo Ott unravels the mystery of a terrifying mass murder–from the cold underbelly of New York to the city’s glittering heights.

Beneath Brooklyn’s wintry streets, seven people are dead, slumped in their seats on an F train. Fast thinking and good fortune prevent the subway car doors from opening, spilling poisonous gas into the station. It’s not long before a frightened metropolis of eight million demands answers: if this was an act of terror, where will these cruel killers strike next? NYPD detective Flo Ott looks closely at the victims. Each of their stories leads to another, one more colorful and complex than the last. A few of these quintessential New Yorkers catch Flo’s attention: a mysterious off-duty FBI agent; the beautiful woman next to him, who may have been his lover. Then there’s a Russian mobster with more than his fair share of enemies. As Flo battles false leads, conflicting witnesses, and meddling politicians, her investigation delves into the dark side of the city that never sleeps. Flo becomes convinced that this wasn’t a random act of violence, and she fears something much worse may be rumbling down the tracks.


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One Week Left…

One whole week left of being Maid of Honour, and I was very bold today- I didn’t go shopping with the bride.

[While we’re on the subject of shopping. The Iconic Irish story, Clery’s closed yesterday! I’m still in shock. 160-years-old and I was supposed to run into it on Thursday, but didn’t. My mam freaked as she was going to go into it for her headpiece today.]

Now, back on track. It’s 16-odd degrees outside, which probably doesn’t sound like much, but for Ireland this is our summer. So I declined to go shopping [I don’t think I need to buy anything anyway], but instead I cleaned the house for the pre-wedding packing and mint-bagging thats happening tonight. I also tried to top up my tan, but in an hour [in which I read the first chapters of Angelfall] I got bored. IMG_1914

[see? i even took a photo I was getting so bored]

The boys are gone on their stags’ since 12, they’re going pigeon clay shooting and then to the pub for dinner and drinks.

I have one week left till the wedding, so I’m not touching any of the chocolate, bars or crisps that are in the press and trying to go for a walk every day and do my indoor exercises. When I started this diet-buzz, I didn’t think it was going to be so hard to lose the last tiny bit of weight off my hips. It’s just eating healthy and exercise, right? Yea, well, it hasn’t budged.

I’m not down to the weight I wanted to be for the wedding, but I’m still aiming for 9.5 stone before my birthday [July 28]…My weight is still sitting at 12 stone, [or 75kg] – but I think our scales is wrong, because that means I haven’t lost a single thing.

Trailer Reveal – Between Two Worlds

About The Book

Between Two Worlds post Title: Beween Two Worlds

Author: Christy Santo

Genre: Time Travel

Rebecca dreams her present time and lives her past.

It is 2006 and Indiana University graduate student Rebecca Harrison attends a Halloween party. Unknown to her she will have her world turned upside down when she leaves it. An unexpected accident rips her from 2006 Indiana and abandons her in 1983 Fanwood, New Jersey her hometown. She struggles to relive the past and exist as another woman with the same name and birthday as her. Can she find a way to return to her present time or will her past become her future?

Author Bio 

Christy Santo was born and raised in Fanwood, New Jersey.  She has lived in Bloomington, IN since 2002 and runs her family’s Internet retail business. Between Two Worlds, is her second book and she is currently working on a third book.



Twitter: @CJSTheWrite

Amazon Author Central at this link: (US)

Amazon Author Central (UK)


Books over Ebooks

I hate Ebooks.

So, I have a book waiting to be picked up in the bookstore today, and only yesterday [after years of wanting said book] I found it sitting in my ibooks.

Now, Ebooks are great for reviewing, and for books you want to read that don’t come in a hard format. But it stops being a book. It’s a little dot on a screen.

I end up being so busy with making notes that I can’t enjoy the story. Then, after only an hour of reading, my eyes start hurting because I’ve been staring at a screen.

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Currently Reading….

As I said in my previous post, I’m getting back into reading. I use to be constantly in a bookstore when I was around 14, and I remember spending a good chunk of a summer when I was a kid in the library. Then I just stopped reading. Probably because all that crappy mush that surrounded Twilight poured out and I just lost all respect for the publishing industry.

This is my to-read pile for June.

June Books

I’m going to post my reviews both here and on goodreads when I’m done with them. These are the books that I bought in vain when I tried to get out of this non-reading slump of mine and then never got around to them.

Right now I’m reading… The Dust

I know! i know! it’s an ebook, but it didn’t come in a hard copy and I’m slightly okay that it wont be taking up space on my now clean bookshelf. I LOVE zombies,  I love the Walking Dead and anything to do with them- I’m there. But this is just…. you know a book that just doesn’t reach it’s full potential? It’s one of those. It has a great premise and unique twist on the whole ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, but the writing just lets it down, and the same rehashed ideas keep filling the pages and you get bogged with all these scenarios you’ve seen a billion times before…

I’m still battling through though. I’m around the 60% mark right now, and I’ve just filled it with yellow markings of grammatical, flow, and description issues that I just can’t overlook, but I still need to read on to find out what happens.

I also, kinda, know the author.

Sorry about abandoning you guys.

I’m sorry for abandoning my blog recently, but nothing exciting his happening. But I am getting back into reading and buying physical book!! I know!! Actual bookstores still exists!! It’s AMAZING! [please note the sarcasm].

I went to look for the book ‘Angelfall‘ by Susan Ee, but the store didn’t have it, and instead of walking out without spending the money I don’t actually have, I asked the woman to order it for me….Sarah, you just couldn’t leave it, could you?… I spotted the book a few years back and wanted to get it, but I just didn’t. I will be gutted if it turns out to not live up to this excitement I’ve built around it. So, waiting for the bookstore to get back in touch to say they have it in for me.

Then in other news, my big sis is coming home from Australia on Friday for her wedding!! And I’m so excited to see her!! But I know most likely I’ll end up killing her by the second day. We’re getting our dress fittings and the Hen’s Party are both on the day after she comes home…yea, she’s going to be dead or rolled into a ball in a corner somewhere….fun!

I’ve spent the weekend doing the front and back garden of the house for her, and I’m still behind on the money for the cake. I’m also going to a talk on Thursday for a job in Amsterdam, so fingers crossed that something will come out of that.

ps. I’m sorry if my blog is a bit of a mess right now, I’m trying to sort it out and putting my second blog in with this one. Just so I have everything in one spot.