Christmas Presents for the Writer in Your Life

Writers technically have everything that they need, so they can be extremely hard to shop for when it comes to Christmas presents. So I’ve compiled a list of items that would make any writer happy come Christmas morning.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Clothing– precisely comfortable clothing, jumpers, tracksuit bottoms, slippers or fingerless gloves are all perfect presents.
  • Books – ask for their Book Depository wish-list[it’s the cheapest and quickest]. They send you over their wish-list and you can do it all in a matter of minutes, no trudging through the freezing cold looking for the illusive gift and you just couldn’t get anything more exciting than a brand new book to curl up with on Stephen’s Day
  • Craft Books: These books your writer will love and reuse time-and-time again and will make their New Year of writing so much easier and fun!
    642 Things to Write About
    The Writer’s Toolbox

    On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

  • Time Off – this can be in printed tokens or a gift receipt for a weekend away. Time to be by ourselves and not having to do day-to-day chores is exactly what we dream off. Either a weekend in a hotel, retreat, or a weekend with a free house is amazing!

    Planners Planners on the other hand are a good bet. They get the writer’s New Year on a good footing, but make sure that they don’t have one already.

  • The Christmas of Books!

    I ended up getting involved in Secret Santa and we have to buy one another books from a wish list that we’ve made and only €20 to spend. I thought it was a good idea, so I agreed to do it.

    Now though? I’m back to being a bookworm. I have a good handful of book that I need to get through and to start off 2017 reviews but I also have another huge 100+ long list of books that I am dying to buy.

    It’s just- why is there so many books to choose from? There’s not enough time or money and it’s all down to you on whether you pick a good book or waste your time on a bad book. Then you try and keep up with all the new titles coming out and it’s enough to scare the normal sane person away from reading.

    In 2016, I read 11 books, four of which were short and a few of them I ended up DNF-ing because they didn’t hold me.

    I have about 20-ish books already to read for 2017 and I’m aiming to read 50. I’m going to try and post regular updates again on here with reviews, cover reveals and what not.

    I cleaned up my bookshelves this morning, first thing. It was kinda weird. I opened my eyes and immediately got to cleaning my shelves without pre-meditating it.

    Now because my little bookworm has come back to life after a good 2 years of hibernations; I’m asking everyone to buy me book for Christmas.

    Here’s my Goodreads.

    The Weekend of Christmas Spirit!

    This weekend has left my Christmas-ed out. It all started on Friday…

    After everyone giving out, with me being the only person with a Christmas jumper. I was going to go for Christmas drinks, but by the end of the day, I was just too tired. While walking home, I was thankful because the pubs and bars were already busy and I would’ve ended up having to drag two bags into cramp spaces while trying not to lose them. Not my ideal Christmas drinks.

    Saturday morning I got up super early…

    This was what I was staring at at 9am on Saturday morning, getting pretol to go into town. Had to get in early to miss the crowds.Just had to get the last few presents.

    [been sending messages while writing this, scratch that- still got a present to buy for the bestie]

    I’m super proud of what I got everyone, but I really like what I got my brother that I was very tempted to take my brother’s present and keep it for myself.


    Mulled Wine 

    My one-and-only nanny usually makes this mulled wine on Christmas day that everyone shimmies over to her house to get a glass, but for the first time ever she won’t be here for Christmas [she’s going down to the country to my uncle] so I’ve taken it upon myself to make mulled wine… and it didn’t turn out half-bad. Still not as nice as nanny’s, but it’ll do for Christmas.








    I am a tiny bit drunk on my first glass right now, but I’m going to make it Christmas morning and be merry and cheerful for the day.