My July/August TBR Pile

I went years without finishing a single book, well I probably did finish book, but books weren’t anywhere near my thoughts throughout the last few years.

I bought Angelfall in June 2015 and still hadn’t completed it in June 2016- let’s just say I recently demolished it in one sitting.

I also made a Goodreads account in June 2015, and I’ve only written 7 reviews. 3 of those were written in 2016…. yea, it was bad. I forgot about the giddiness and excitement of starting a new book, especially a new series and even when I don’t like book one I still continue on just to find out what happens.

Here’s my TBR pile:


I’m trying to stay around 20 books and only allow myself to buy a new book when I finish one of these. But, even right now, I’m waiting for another 2 books [the last 2 in the Penryn and End of Days Series.]

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Harry reading everyone!!!



Currently Reading….

As I said in my previous post, I’m getting back into reading. I use to be constantly in a bookstore when I was around 14, and I remember spending a good chunk of a summer when I was a kid in the library. Then I just stopped reading. Probably because all that crappy mush that surrounded Twilight poured out and I just lost all respect for the publishing industry.

This is my to-read pile for June.

June Books

I’m going to post my reviews both here and on goodreads when I’m done with them. These are the books that I bought in vain when I tried to get out of this non-reading slump of mine and then never got around to them.

Right now I’m reading… The Dust

I know! i know! it’s an ebook, but it didn’t come in a hard copy and I’m slightly okay that it wont be taking up space on my now clean bookshelf. I LOVE zombies,  I love the Walking Dead and anything to do with them- I’m there. But this is just…. you know a book that just doesn’t reach it’s full potential? It’s one of those. It has a great premise and unique twist on the whole ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, but the writing just lets it down, and the same rehashed ideas keep filling the pages and you get bogged with all these scenarios you’ve seen a billion times before…

I’m still battling through though. I’m around the 60% mark right now, and I’ve just filled it with yellow markings of grammatical, flow, and description issues that I just can’t overlook, but I still need to read on to find out what happens.

I also, kinda, know the author.