Amsterdam – Day 17

I’m really bad at keeping this going, but I’ve been kept busy with work. Studying like crazy for a Youtube Certificate [first round is this Thursday] that I haven’t even gotten the chance to touch my novels, and haven’t done anything tourist-y yet.


I had a lovely catch-up with my baby Bruce…I didn’t think he was going to even hear me let along stare straight at the camera at me. I think I completely confused him because when my brother-in-law came through the front dooIMG_2331r while I was still on the phone and Bruce went crazy thinking it was me…. Sorry baby. Miss him like crazy. Sad to say, I miss him more than my family.

Nothing major to write about, the only thing I’ve done since my last update is that I did go to the sex museum on Sunday. I did find it interesting and a little weird at the same time, but it mostly just weirded me out. Then I spent a little bit of money buying a Guess wallet for myself…it’s soooo pretty!! I couldn’t say no.

My sis also got back the wedding photos and she sent them over to me to have a look at. I was going to post one of me onto this post, but I don’t think she’d appreciate. So I’ll just let you know that they’re fab! People keeping saying that my pics look like they’re straight from a magazine spread [without realising who they were looking at]. The power of professional make-up and good photographers is astounding!!

Now, getting back to studying while I have a free house and hopefully can clear up some time tonight to finally get back to my books which I have abandoned since coming over here. 🙁