Day 3 : The Neverending Night

Hey everyone!!

So, sitting here in the new office, it’s break time. Everyone is gone to the shops- I don’t know why I didn’t go, I just didn’t. So, I’m writing this on the downtime now.

I had the worst night’s sleep every—no rephrase that. I had the worst night ever last night. I DID NOT SLEEP.

We all went to bed at around 12:30…good, right.

Lauren [the other girl] fell asleep straight away- I knew by the loud snore she gave off as she rolled over. I still laid wide awake on my own bed…

I was too warm 

  [that’s me at 4:12am in the morning]

Not the nice warm – the taking the blanket off and just wear your light pjs warm- because that didn’t help. I still had sweat rolling down my back even without any blanket on and even with my super light pjs. I still do not know why I was so warm. I thought it was the room, as it doesnt have a window, but a balcony, so you can’t exactly open it up during the night. I took my bedsheets and my pillow, walked across the tiny landing and into the sitting room, where I tried to fall asleep on this sofa-bed hybrid thing in the room. It was still too warm. It turned 3am, and suddenly I saw heard scratching. I thought it was something I moved, but then I heard scurrying. I turned on my light and there it was….

A tiny little mouse scurrying about on the table in the room, all over the leftover empty packets of food and beer cans. I was petrified. I wrapped myself in a blanket burrito and sat there for the remainder of the night. I text everyone I knew to let them know and went onto Facebook to find out who was still up… turned out that my cousin was awake.

Talked to her for an hour, before she he’d to head to bed but it brought me to 4am. The heat was getting to me, and it pushed me to go to the window and sit on the black chair for the rest of the night. Watching as Amsterdam came to life, it was amazing.

I didn’t even wanted to go back to sleep, but forced myself to get back into bed…managed to grab [i think] at least an hour of shut-eye before I heard an alarm from the other room going off, and I sprung up like a spring-chicken and dashed for the shower before anyone got there before me.

Training was amazing. I really enjoyed today! We found out which platforms the people in the group were strong with and ones that they didn’t know how to work. I use most of them, so I already know the majority of what they were saying.

Hope I sleep like a baby tonight!!