First Weekend in Amsterdam

Taking a break from work so I can write this blog post.

We went out for a few drinks last night, I wasn’t sure I was going to go- even when I was already dressed and make-up on. I was till debating on going out…

It was soon clear why clubbing is a turn off for me.

We went to one bar, and I ended up dancing with some guy from LA, who asked if ‘I wanted to go up to his apartment’ which was above the club. I declined. He left, and then came back saying ‘I came back just for you.’ Sorry, dude. Not interested.

We went to a second bar, and another guy started dancing with me, and I don’t know if it was the drink or what, but we ended up kissing. The girl came back, yanked him off me, and started fighting with him saying that ‘we’re together’. That didn’t work,  he wouldn’t leave me alone, even after I pushed him off stating that my girlfriend was right behind him.

He replied with:

Your lips are the best lips I’ve ever kissed. 


Noticing that he wasn’t leaving me alone,  the two guys [who I only know a week] strolled in and started grinding up against him and flirting with him- not letting him around to me.

The night ends with them all pretended to be gay for me. The lot of us chatting about the Marriage referendum to people.

I’ve had a hangover all day. I ordered a pizza and ate a bag of Cheetos to myself. It’s half eight and I’m already showered and ready for bed.

There’s a reason why I don’t go clubbing. I hate the people that I attract.