No Ebook 2016.

Bookstore are dying!

I just read this article about the decline of booksells and major bookshops are getting a massive hit. I was just in a bookstore yesterday, but that wasn’t to buy a book, but a silly little Chirstmas present. The one thing that stuck with me was the amount of people standing around with handfuls of book and reading through them.

I also bought 2 free ebooks off an author I follow on Twitter…because I couldn’t wait for the actual books to show up…

I feel terrible about myself. Because I always remember as a kid being in the middle of a brilliant series and getting the bookstore to order the next book in, then getting itchy fingers waiting for it to arrive…

I miss those days.

Books just lose their value when they’re in ebook-format. You don’t care i you do or don’t read it, but when it’s sitting on your shelf, staring at you- you’re more likely to pick it up and give it some love.

So, 2016 is the year that I Wwill not buy a single ebook. Not a single one. I’ll read ebooks that I’ve alrady downloaded, becasue it’s somewhere in the twenties now, but any other books I will buy in the physical form.

Anyone with me?

Anyone else want to join in my no-ebook 2016.

Books over Ebooks

I hate Ebooks.

So, I have a book waiting to be picked up in the bookstore today, and only yesterday [after years of wanting said book] I found it sitting in my ibooks.

Now, Ebooks are great for reviewing, and for books you want to read that don’t come in a hard format. But it stops being a book. It’s a little dot on a screen.

I end up being so busy with making notes that I can’t enjoy the story. Then, after only an hour of reading, my eyes start hurting because I’ve been staring at a screen.

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