Chester Bennington – You’ll Never Be Replaced.

Linkin Park Band

Linkin Park

I usually don’t get upset over celeb deaths. They usually don’t mean anything to me or they were has-beens.

Chester Bennington was neither.

My first taste of Linkin Park was when I was 13 in 2003 with Breaking the Habit, it was being played on my friends tv. I was glued to the video and I didn’t know it, but by the end of the that single song…I was in love.

My friend, as a random present, gave me Collision Course. Again I loved it as much as all their other songs.

There has never been an album of theirs that I didn’t fail to love and would listen to on repeat for days at-a-time. I still do.

There has never been another band in my life that I’ve loved and connected with so much.

Today the world has lost a legend.

And I feel like I’ve been left with a hole that will never be filled.

RIP Chester.