Nanowrimo – Day 16 : 11,657

I made little to no progress this week. A grand total of: 3.100


I know everyone complains about not having the time, but I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME. I have barely an hour to myself at night which is usually taken up by the dog. I know it’s very unlikely that I’m going to reach the 50k now, with work and whatnot, but the good thing is that it’s gotten me back in the habit of writing every single day and putting my progress down.

I logged back onto the Yearly Nanowrimo, and I’ve signed back up to the Pacemaker progress charts. Spent my morning making charts for December [aiming for 30k], and I’ve also made a 250,000 and a 500,000 progress chart for 2016. I’m aiming big for next year.

I’m just going to keep writing every day for the remainder of November, I’m not focused on the 50,000 words goal anymore, and I don’t think I’m going to try Nanowrimo again. I’ve never completed it, and even if I got close to finishing I ALWAYS end up dumping whatever I write.

I’m going to put up a section for all my writing progress throughout 2016. There’s going to be sections per-month, and also overall of a month, along with writing achievements- such as finishing a novel or writing 30,000 in a weekend.

2016 is not about the overall word count, it’s about writing and treating my writing life as important than every other aspect of my life. I need to stop putting it on the back burner for everything else and put it in directly in the centre.

2016 is the year that I complete all my WIPs and stop putting them off.

Nanowrimo 2015 – Day 8 : 9,102


I was aiming to finish the weekend at 10k, but I doubt i’m going to write 900 words in the next hour. For the next week I’m going to try and write 2k-a-day and by next weekend I should be up to where i’m supposed to be with Nanowrimo.

Work is killing me this year, between that and every day-to-day life I barely have an hour-a-day to myself, and writing is the last thing I want to do.

Going to try and get into work a bit earlier everyday this week, to get a few words in and another few at lunch so that I have a good amount before going home. Going to try and manage my time a bit better- set all alarms for exercising and reminders about going places, so I don’t waste time ding nothing.

Hopefully week 2 turns out better than week 1.

Nanowrimo 2015 – Day 5 : 5,022

At 13:00


It took me 2 days to get from 3k to 4k….

But, I’m now at 4,251!! Woo!!

At 22:00 

5,022 words!

I was aiming for 5k and with only one word sprint I managed it just before 10pm  🙂 I’m so happy. I didn’t really write anything the last two days and I’m just now waiting for the weekend to play catch-up with an all-nighter thrown in for good-measure. So, it’s now looking totally manageable to catch up with Nanowrimo for Sunday.

Hope Nanowrimo is going well for everyone else!!


Nanowrimo 2015 – Day 3 : 3,521

So, I knew I took it easy yesterday [only had to write 1k] and I knew I should have pushed myself a bit harder to write more, but it was after 10pm at night and my bed was calling me…

So because of that I had 1,564 words to write today.

I got home, had dinner, grabbed the dog for an hour walk, had a shower and the time was 9:30pm… I had two hours of writing if I forced myself to stay awake with cans of Red Bull…it didn’t happen.

The xbox called me and then my bed wrapped me up in cuddly hug. A total of 85 words for the day…


Nanowrimo 2015 – Day 2 : 3348

Slowly, I’m starting to lose steam. I only had to write 1,000 words today and it was a total struggle. I hate my novel and it needs to be completely fixed up, so hopefully I can get some work done tomorrow morning [it’s too late today]. I don’t think I’ve ever written so much so early on in Nanowrimo before.

I didn’t do any word sprints today, I kept getting side-tracked and couldn’t focus on writing long enough to be able to do a sprint.

Hopefully tomorrow is better.

Nanowrimo 2015 – Day 1 : 2132 words

I started at midnight last night. This was because I was sitting up waiting for The Elder Scrolls to download [it took forever] and on two minds to get a start on Nanowrimo 2015 or go to bed.

I ended up getting to about 700 words before I was defeated and the pull of my new game had me and I ended up playing, The Elder Scrolls till about 2am and then headed to bed.

The first day of Nanowrimo was supposed to be spend writing as much as I could. That was my plan- to not move from the house and to aim for 5k. That didn’t happen.

Shopping happened first thing, and I ended up buying myself two Guess handbags and going for lunch. Then came to long walk with the dog as he couldn’t go out last night because of the fireworks. Then with the pull of The Elder Scrolls [I find it so much more addicting than The Witcher] it was 7pm till I got back to writing. I didn’t do so bad. I hate my book a bit more every time I am on it, and I think I’m going to spend the remainder of the day fixing up a few things with it, so I’d say this is the final count for the first of Nanowrimo…not too bad.

Hope it’s going well for all my writing buddies!

Last Thoughts before Nanowrimo

I woke up this morning at 7am in a  bit of a panic, thinking I didn’t have a enough to write. Opening my laptop I looked at said document. I’m okay for Nanowrimo, even if I just write 2k per chapter [they’re usually 5k+] I can complete the challenge.

The only problem now is that I’m not sure if I’m going to stick to it, because I really want to work on another novel I’ve gotten stuck into, so I’ll probably end up jumping into the other novel briefly throughout November.

I’ve had the characters, outline and first 11,000 words written since the beginning of the year.

Characters:The characters are all named and have their own documents filled with profiles of them.

Plot: The plot hasn’t changed much since I started it, so I literally just have to sit down and get the words written.

OutlineEach chapter has a summery and a few scenes each. So nothing too hard to think about.

I have more than what most writers have going into Nano, it should be a walk-in-the-park. Right? All I need to do now is go to the shops and get my bits-and-bobs to be comfortable while sitting down for the first load of writing TONIGHT….shit.

Sarah Lou’s National Novel Writing Month Survival Kit

This is my list of items that I either have or still need to get before Sunday…

  1. Macbook
  2. Scrivener
  3. Headphones
  4. Red Bull
  5. Coffee
  6. Oversized cozy jumper
  7. Fingerless gloves [for the cold nights]
  8. Spare money for coffee in the mornings
  9. Bus money to get to the meet-ups
  10. New comfy pjs
  11. Wooly Socks/Slippers
  12. Pinterest [for inspiration]
  13. Hot Chocolate [when coffee get’s too repetitive and boring]
  14. Hard Drive [backup every 5k+ words]
  15. Snacks [probably grapes- easy to eat and don’t feel guilty]

I have a small bit of shopping to do before the midnight on Saturday!

Pre Nanowrimo 2015

One week left!

I’m taking this week to make as much progress as possible my completed novel. I’m going to stay up all night tonight doing just that.

I’m working on a romance novel of mine for Nano 2015, it’s all planned out I just haven’t sat down to write it. There’s 10,000 words or so already written. I’m going to continue to work on it this month, if I get the chance.

I’ve never actually completted Nanowrimo, I think the best I have ever achieved is just over 10,000 words in one month. I always get excited about the whole prospect of sitting up every night, writing like crazy and talking with fellow writers. But it just doesn’t work out that way.

Two things I’m doing differently this year…

I’m going to go to meet up and see people face-to-face to see if that motivates me more, hopefully meet new friends and be able to stay in touch through our phones so I actually feel motivated and guilty if I find an actual person to connect with that isn’t halfway across the globe.

I’m also going to update this blog about my process. I don’t know if it’s going to be daily or weekly [probably weekly]. But if I have something to write about daily, I’ll post.