Chester Bennington – You’ll Never Be Replaced.

Linkin Park Band

Linkin Park

I usually don’t get upset over celeb deaths. They usually don’t mean anything to me or they were has-beens.

Chester Bennington was neither.

My first taste of Linkin Park was when I was 13 in 2003 with Breaking the Habit, it was being played on my friends tv. I was glued to the video and I didn’t know it, but by the end of the that single song…I was in love.

My friend, as a random present, gave me Collision Course. Again I loved it as much as all their other songs.

There has never been an album of theirs that I didn’t fail to love and would listen to on repeat for days at-a-time. I still do.

There has never been another band in my life that I’ve loved and connected with so much.

Today the world has lost a legend.

And I feel like I’ve been left with a hole that will never be filled.

RIP Chester.


Sorry for my absence.

I don’t have so much free time as a I used too, my sis is home with my new nephew and been running to-and-fro with everyday life.

This site also started glitching and I wasn’t willing to write anything until I figured how to fix it. Turns out it’s just me being stupid.

New posts should be arriving over the next week. [just noticed I didn’t edit my last post…doh!]

Hope everyone is having a good year so far!

Fingers in Too Many Pies?

I always wondered why it’s tough to nail down a job and I’ve figured it out:

You got too many pies! [or the things you can do]

I know, I have my fingers in all these different but wonderful pies, but my history has all of them being these little parts of a bigger job.

Job hunting puts you up against people who have a degree in graphic design, acting or have years of magazine design or whatever you done in college.

Then there’s just little ole you booping along wanting someone to give you a break, waving your college’s magazine, graphics or writing examples at them.

My tip for anyone in the same position:

You roll with it!

Sometimes a job has nothing to add to your collection of pies that you’ve spent years crafting. Don’t let this get you down! Because you may just end up picking up another wonderful pie along the way!

You can never have too many pies! Life is for collecting all the pies!!

2017 – The Year of Yes

2017 didn’t get off on a good footing, so bad with my anxiety that I ended up in church for the first time in 1.5 years. I’m all good now though.

This year is the year of ‘YES’. Yes to meeting people, yes to walking the dog, yes to job hunting…whatever it’s going to be yes.

So far, it’s going good after saying yes to every meeting or group gathering so far, I’m upbeat and giddy again- I haven’t been like this in well over a year. I’m happy to see everyone and happy about every day joys.

I’ve sent my book off to a competition and rewrote the query letter for said book. I’m going to get around to more agents/publishers at the weekend and I’m loving it more ever single time I work on it [so much better than last year when it was struggle to even look at it most days]

The goals for 2017 are:

Acting/Modelling. I may be shit at one or both of these but I dipped my toes in both a few years back and I want to do get back into it again.

New job. Obviously. Waiting to hear back from an interview I had before Christmas, so I’m hoping it’s good news.

Read more. I still haven’t started this for 2017, between the rocky start and everyday meetings of all the ‘yes’ that I keep saying it has not happened. But I’m staying in tomorrow night [well, right now….oh shit, no I’m not] okay… I’m going to start over the weekend when I get the chance.

Health – I want to go at least go 2 days-a-week without coffee. This has been made harder because my family bought my a capsule coffee machine. Going to lost a few more pounds and I’m happy, my main focus isn’t about losing weight any more, but rather just eat healthy.

Find Love. I’ve already started this, but other came from it. I went on a date last Friday but I haven’t heard from them and that’s fine. Just going to keep trying.

Travelling. Well, the plans is to go to Australia to my sister to help her home with her adorable new son. I’m dying to get over to them, everything is just baby…baby everything. I’ve even gone to town for myself and end up looking at baby clothes for hours.

Saving. I want to buy a car and start driving. I want to go on hikes at the weekends and just hop in my little car and drive anywhere. But I do I want a 1967 Mustang- so a lot of saving to do.

Writing Yes, the beginning of 2017 writing has come to a standstill. I nearly made it to 100k words for 2016, but 2017 I’m going to try and complete at least 4 drafts of some work in progresses that have been sitting untouched for a while. I’ve already sent off another manuscript into writing competitions and spending the weekend sending to publishers and agents.

So, to everyone reading this, Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a fantastic 2017 and that you achieve all your goals and all your wishes come true.

My Experience with a Husky

I saw a post by a Husky Rescue that they can’t keep up with the demands for helping abandoned huskies, and it made me want to write a post.


This is Bruce, he came to me as a malnourished, tiny puppy that was most-likely too young to be away from his mother. He costs hundreds in vet bills when we first got him. I got him because I’ve always wanted a husky since I was a kid. As everyone else, my first reason behind getting a husky was: they’re pretty. I want a pretty dog. 

He turned out to be the hardest dog that I’ve ever gotten, but I wouldn’t change him for the world. 

Walks aren’t just walks. They’re the sweat your armpits off one-to-two hour marches every-single-day, yes – even after you’ve done a hard days work or you want an hour or two extra in bed to sooth you’re weary bones. Like everything else, you got to put in the hours. 

The hairs. They’re not messing when they talk about husky shedding. My husky is a house dog, yes- who the hell has a husky as a house dog? Me. When we’re in shedding season, there’s a brand new white carpet on the stairs and running throughout the house every-single-morning. Get use to hovering being a morning activity, you’re going to be best friends with your hover. 

One day, he’ll bring you a little present and it most likely will happen. We have gotten one cat and one bird. You can try your best to think around it, to put out all precautions, but most likely it’s going to happen. Just a warning.

If you’re doing research before getting the breed, take everything with a pinch of salt. Not all huskies are going to be the perfect breed.

Huskies are supposed to be friendly dogs- not in my experience. Bruce is weary of strangers and other people that aren’t family, he won’t run up to them tail-wagging about the take off. He’ll creep in to suss them out, giving them a look that scares most people. Then looks at me as if to ask, ‘are they good?’

IMG_1831.jpgHe also dislikes my dad and my dad is convinced he’s ’not a nice dog’. Doesn’t matter what my dad asks him to do or what he calls him for. Bruce will look at him, then turn to me as if to say ‘what the hell does he think he’s doing?”

He isn’t the snuggliest and friendliest dogs when it comes to other people. But he’s my snuggle buddy, he’s my furry alarm clock who wants rubs all the time that end up with me having a dead arm.

I mean just look at him?

It’s my Birthday!!

It’s my birthday today. The grand age of 26.

I don’t know if I love birthdays or just don’t care, I just cant make my mind up. I’ve gotten to the stage in life where I’m already starting to forget what age I am and have to think of the year we’re in before figuring it out.

When birthdays come around, I always end up reminiscing on when I was younger and would get bouncy castles or go the Fun House. Being a twin, he would have all his friends, and I would have mine and then we’d also have all our cousins and it would be the best day ever! Not forgetting all the great presents we used to get.

What were your best birthdays?

My 25th birthday was actually quiet good. I was in Amsterdam with a bunch of people I didn’t know a few weeks prior, and it was the best night ever! I always remember the biscuit-type cake that they got and the sparkling shot of alcohol that they sang Happy Birthday with before I downed it.

Weird how much happens in a year. This year, I’m not doing anything major. Getting the traditional curry takeaway with mam, then cocktails with the bestie and another dinner with my dad.

I got doughnuts instead of a cake…yum!



Do you guys miss birthdays as much as me? Or am I just weird?

Goodbyes are Never Easy.

Leaving a job is supposed to be that you gather up your things in a little brown box and just walk out the front door all happy, right?

It’s not.

It was supposed to be a happy day. Get a few drinks and then give everyone a hug and be on my next great adventure.

It isn’t so easy.

It’s fucking emotional.

I try to my hardest to keep a distance, to not get attached to people, knowing that the day will come when I gotta say goodbye. But, like always, it didn’t fucking work.

Two other colleagues before me left without a bother, just got up and walked on home without looking back. Well, granted they left on their own accord. They weren’t in the middle of a merger and the one getting the boot.

I did keep it together throughout the day, when getting my present of two books [Stephen King’s On Writing and 649 writing prompts] and a card with all their messages. I sucked it back and kept drinking. It was only when walking up the stairs to the office for the last time, that I couldn’t hold it anymore.

When you’ve lived in a house in Amsterdam for six weeks with two of them and then spend two-thirds of the last year in the same office. Without realising it, they became my family, and that’s who I was saying goodbye to.

I hate the job for giving me them, because I know I’m never going to have this again. I’m never going to have colleagues that I’ve lived with as strangers and then became a second-family.

This was supposed to be easy. Go to work, have a few drinks, say my goodbyes and go home.

There was just one thing I didn’t notice until it was too late.

I wasn’t saying goodbye to the job and colleagues.

I was saying goodbye to my family.


PS. I don’t care if you see this guys.

AC/DC – The Heartache of Nearly Seeing Them

AC/DC played in Portugal this passed Saturday, and all I could think was that if only I went on my holidays to Portugal two weeks later, I could’ve gone. 

Being upset at the whole idea of being able to get a ticket and seeing them if I wanted to, I researched and found that they’re going to be in London on the 7th of June.

I would’ve bought the ticket then and there, if I was only brave enough to go to a gig by myself. Going to a gig by myself, is something I have never done before and it just seems like a very depressing affair to put yourself through. People getting drunk and having a great time with their friends while little loner me just tries to enjoy the show and not get too drunk that I forget how to get back to your hotel.

My texts went out to anybody I could think would even want to go and see them- which wasn’t a lot, because nearly everybody likes poppy or EDM music.

The price all together for the ticket, the plane ticket and the two days over in England? About €500. That’s once you change it to pounds. There is nobody in my circle of people who even remotely likes them to be mentally able to slap down €500 to see them.

This is just yet another item to going on my ‘Music Icons I Never Got To See’ on my list of Bucket List, alongside Michael Jackson.


My Weekend in Portugal


I landed back in Ireland late last night.

I was eating really well the first day and then I started slipping, I didn’t go really bad. I never drank so much to even warrant a hangover and I literally got hooked on salads [they are so darn good with soya sauce]. It wasn’t a holiday for us to go crazy on, it was a quiet few days with the family, and that is exactly what we did, and I loved every second of it.

White Sangria

There was no laptop or tv for the whole 4 days, and I didn’t miss either in the slightest. I was debating on bringing my laptop to get some writing done when I was over there, but I’m glad now that I didn’t, because my mind was focused on enjoying myself and it meant that I didn’t have an extra bag to carry around. We did have a tv and my aunt and nanny  watched soaps and movies when they wanted some quiet time in, while we went for a walk.
It’s because of these walks that I don’t feel really really awful, we kept up out healthy regime. We walked 15-20k steps-a-day on average, the weather was cool- not too cold that you were cold [except for on the beach], but not too warm that you started sweating the second after coming outside.

I miss being in a house with more people. It was depressing coming home to an empty house [except for seeing my dog].  My mam is back from the same holiday today and she should be in at any moment while I’m writing this. It’s only the two of us in this house now and I really just want to get back over with the family again [we’re thinking September is a good time for the next trip over]. This house just feel empty now.

Holiday Time!!

My family own a couple of properties in Portugal and I haven’t been since I was 18 [about 7 years ago] because I always remember that I just legally allowed to drink.

I’m finally going back over with the family. The family being my mam, nanny, two aunts and two cousins.

It’s only going to be from Thursday to Monday, but it’s still going to be nice to not have to stress about work or worry about stupid things. To just do whatever I want which will end up with either drink or food involved.

I’m debating on if I should bring my laptop with me. I know there is going to be times where there’s nothing to do and I pretty sure that if I don’t bring I’ll just get lightly irritated about not being able to write or send emails. Could easily only be a few minutes in the morning or afternoon. Think I’m going to bring it. Now I just need to figure out the wi-if situation.

I didn’t think I’d be looking forward to it- it’s a small place in Portugal and I’m just going to relax, not to go wild, but I’m sooo looking forward to it. Maybe put me mind at ease.