Goodbye 2017 – Hello 2018!

2017 was a good year and hopefully 2018 continues the trend, so here’s my main New Years Resolutions for 2018.

    Recap of 2017…

At the beginning of the year I got out of my comfort zone and did auditions and cold script readings. Okay, so nothing came from them, but I did them and not there’s nothing daunting about them anymore.

I made a dint in my trilogy! It wasn’t that I wrote an awful lot than last year, but the trilogy all now sit around 80k – 90k in each book. So, the end is in sight and I just need to sit down and do this line-editing.

Went on a few dates – okay, this was more the start of the year, when the year hadn’t hit yet and I was still in limbo and didn’t know what to do. I did it! The year did end with a little romantic-datey-flingy thing with a guy, but oh well!

I met new people! I was thinking of this when lying hungover in her bed. It’s just so weird that a whole year previous I didn’t even know Rhiannon. I don’t know, maybe it’s me being weird. Odd that one year later and we’re besties and have big plans for 2018 together.

    Let’s Go 2018!

The start of 2018 is going to be taken up with the final college assignment. Up until the third week. Nothing exciting.

My friend and I plan to get our business idea fleshed out, website running and hoping to be getting clients by mid-year. Can’t tell what it is. top secret!

Going to pick up two hobbies this year. My friend want’s to do acting, so we’re both picking up acting and my other friend want’s to do a fitness-centric class, so maybe yoga. I wouldn’t mind spinning tough. I’m jealous that the US has the overly-expensive soul-cycle, because I’d be one of those people who splashes out for the classes. That’s two new hobbies by the end of the year.

As the trilogy is sooo close to being finished. My goals are:

  • Line editing Book #1
  • Printing off Book #1
  • Picking someone to read one entire book.
  • Finishing book #2 + #3
  • Print off Book #2 + #3

  • March Madness

    Ahh!! It’s the 1st of March today and so I woke up bright and early and decided to write a post!

    My March Madness Goals

    Editing this book is getting ridiculous. It’s taking forever, I’m only on chapter 6 so far and my plan is to just get it done and over with, so my aim is to finish editing it by the end of March. I’ve been editing this book on-and-off now for a few years [but it has had four completely gut-outs and do-overs]. It’s staying the way it is and I’m pushing to finally get it out to Beta Readers by the end of the month.

    Burn 500-calories a day. I missed my morning walk this morning, but I still have my night walk and workout to get March 1st to about 700 burned calories. I also had my fatty day yesterday with it being Pancake Tuesday….along with a takeaway and home-baked cookies. I need to sweat for the rest of the week….woop!!

    Money Wise
    I’m going to buy glasses someday this week. I was supposed to go tonight, but the store never got back in touch so it might be the weekend. I lost my old glasses so really need to buy new ones and I’m so excited!! My previous glasses I’ve had since secondary school.

    Acting – I’ve been asked to three auditions so far, but I keep getting cold feet with the notion that You’re a fraud, you don’t know what you’re doing so I’m going to sign up to either of two 8-week acting courses that I have my eyes on, might be later in the year as one of the teachers hasn’t been in touch and the next class starts next Monday.

    I just noticed a very common thread now….why are people not getting back in touch with me?

    What’s everyone’s March’s goals?

    Let’s all keep moving forward and upwards!!

    2017 – The Year of Yes

    2017 didn’t get off on a good footing, so bad with my anxiety that I ended up in church for the first time in 1.5 years. I’m all good now though.

    This year is the year of ‘YES’. Yes to meeting people, yes to walking the dog, yes to job hunting…whatever it’s going to be yes.

    So far, it’s going good after saying yes to every meeting or group gathering so far, I’m upbeat and giddy again- I haven’t been like this in well over a year. I’m happy to see everyone and happy about every day joys.

    I’ve sent my book off to a competition and rewrote the query letter for said book. I’m going to get around to more agents/publishers at the weekend and I’m loving it more ever single time I work on it [so much better than last year when it was struggle to even look at it most days]

    The goals for 2017 are:

    Acting/Modelling. I may be shit at one or both of these but I dipped my toes in both a few years back and I want to do get back into it again.

    New job. Obviously. Waiting to hear back from an interview I had before Christmas, so I’m hoping it’s good news.

    Read more. I still haven’t started this for 2017, between the rocky start and everyday meetings of all the ‘yes’ that I keep saying it has not happened. But I’m staying in tomorrow night [well, right now….oh shit, no I’m not] okay… I’m going to start over the weekend when I get the chance.

    Health – I want to go at least go 2 days-a-week without coffee. This has been made harder because my family bought my a capsule coffee machine. Going to lost a few more pounds and I’m happy, my main focus isn’t about losing weight any more, but rather just eat healthy.

    Find Love. I’ve already started this, but other came from it. I went on a date last Friday but I haven’t heard from them and that’s fine. Just going to keep trying.

    Travelling. Well, the plans is to go to Australia to my sister to help her home with her adorable new son. I’m dying to get over to them, everything is just baby…baby everything. I’ve even gone to town for myself and end up looking at baby clothes for hours.

    Saving. I want to buy a car and start driving. I want to go on hikes at the weekends and just hop in my little car and drive anywhere. But I do I want a 1967 Mustang- so a lot of saving to do.

    Writing Yes, the beginning of 2017 writing has come to a standstill. I nearly made it to 100k words for 2016, but 2017 I’m going to try and complete at least 4 drafts of some work in progresses that have been sitting untouched for a while. I’ve already sent off another manuscript into writing competitions and spending the weekend sending to publishers and agents.

    So, to everyone reading this, Happy New Year!

    I hope you all have a fantastic 2017 and that you achieve all your goals and all your wishes come true.

    September Plans


    It’s finally my favourite time of the year…Autumn!! Where I can wear comfy jumpers, boots and get back drinking hot chocolate with cold fingers!!

    The month is already looking to be a busy one, the plans so far are:

    Write 15,000 words on two novels [30,000 words in total]. These are completely separate form one another and from any books I’ve written so far. I’m really looking forward to writing them.

    Re-edit the beginning of my finished novel, and send it off to five publishers/agents by the 30th of this Month. This is going to be tough- I haven’t received feedback on what to change about the beginning from previous agents or publishers. Just that I should keep trying.

    Getting back into my smoothie/juice diet and being healthy again.

    Sundays are my ‘Off’ Days.

    I never noticed this before, but I tend to take Sundays as my day off from life and responsibilities, a little breather before the beginning of the week.

    I know I don’t have a job or anything, but let me explain.

    My weeks are currently made up of exercising, job hunting and writing.

    Each day I’ll have to write- minimum- 650 words each day.

    I’m hungover as well today, so diet went out the window with a McDonalds first thing this morning. I haven’t even been for a walk because the lovely Irish weather decided to pour all day, and job sites that update on Sundays.

    So I’m preparing my calendar for the next week and I’m going to be awesome and productive!!!

    My Weight Goals

    I’m not exactly fat, but I’m not exactly skinny either. But I wouldn’t dare wear anything revealing my stomach or even a nice top that shows off everything. I want to be happy with myself, you know? I want to have a tight, fit body. That I can happily wear whatever I want and I know I look good.

    I want to get down to 9stone 13lbs. Just because it looks like a healthy weight. I haven’t been below 10 stone since I was like 12. I also want to see if losing weight will make my boobs go down, because right now I’m  a 34FF [I know they’re not gigantic, but I’d like to be a C or D].

    I also have this wedding in two months. I would love to be able to go in to get my dress and be told that I’m so much smaller than when I first got measured. I also want to look good in the photos because they’re going to be around for the rest of my life.

    So, starting this week I’m going to try and walk twice-a-day, one in the morning at 7am and one at night at 9pm. I’m only going to drink water and tea without sugar and snack on porridge and fruit, no more chocolate or crisps or takeaways. If it goes well, I’m going to start being more healthy with my food choices and everything about myself.