Rejection #4

In Amsterdam, it’s the Saturday of the weekend before my 25th birthday, and I’ve spent it hungover from birthday drinks the night before…

When, I get my 4th rejection.041 - DwjUD4T

For some reason, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget this. It’ll be something to tell people about my struggle of getting published…the one rejection that happened in Amsterdam.

I really don’t like what she said in it though:

“That she couldn’t connect with the story” 

I don’t like the way that none of the rejections so far elaborated on what they mean and are just a tiny little paragraph. What am I supposed to take from that??! Scrap the beginning and start all over??! Should I add in more details?? Make it less shady, because it’s not supposed to be clear in the beginning on what is happening…hmm…that’s probably it.

I’m not changing it, not yet. Not till I reach number 10.

We then got a bunch of Burritos [supposedly from the best Amsterdam burrito place] but they were disgusting and none of us finished them. Now, going to pop on some music and get writing again.

Another round of editing and getting back into it.

I got my last rejection on Friday, and I have gotten slightly down about it, but today I shook myself down and got back into it.

I have the next week planned out as follows:

From now till Friday night I’m going to do a full round of editing on the first 3 chapters. Can’t be too perfect, right? [I havent looked at it for at least a month now, just to give myself a breather and so I can look at it with fresh eyes.]

At 9am on Saturday morning, I’m going to sit down with a nice mug of coffee and send off to about 10 other agents and publishers. Just to have a nice round number. Bringing the total about to 13, still a bit small, nothing to start panicking over.

I am then going to go to my stupid dad’s 50th and feel like I’m on top of the world and can conquer anything to spend Sunday researching for more people to send off to.

I’m on a positive vibe today and it’s amazing.

I haven’t been rejected as much as I thought.

I honestly thought I was up to my fifth rejection, turns out I’m not. I’m only at number 3 [not including the publisher who didn’t get back] so really, it’s 4.

I’ve only gotten 3 e-mails back and all three are saying the same thing, to keep trying. None give me anything to work on or to fix up. I have another six agents and publishers lined up that I was thinking of sending to today, but I don’t know if I’m going to send off to them or should I fix up the beginning first. I know it’s a tiny number to start getting paranoid, as most authors get 10-20-30 rejections before they get anywhere.

I don’t know what to do.

Rejection #5 [turns out it was only #3]

I got an email this afternoon from a literary agent. Another rejection.

They’re all saying the same thing. That it isn’t for them and to keep trying.

They’re not saying if there is anything I could change or improve. Just to keep trying and I’ll find someone who’ll take it. Every single one of them. 

I would rather for them to say if I could change anything, but they don’t and so there’s nothing for me to work on.

I’m not sure if I should change what I’m sending or to keep sending it. This was the last one I was waiting back from and now I have to send off to more agents and publishers.