Rejections in the double figures – and not what it’s built up to be.

Writers dream about the day where they can send off to agents and publishers and think up of all the rejection letters that they get back- maybe stick them up and look at them…

It doesn’t happen like that.

The majority of rejection letters aren’t long or informative as we’re made to believe.

Take myself for example:

I’m up to 11 rejections

And not a single one has an ounce of constructive criticism to give to me.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, I just don’t know.

The only thing I’ve gotten from them is to ‘keep sending it out’ and ‘it just isn’t for them’.

In other words:

giphy (1)

That’s it! That is all the feedback I’ve gotten back. No deep insight on what’s wrong with the chapters or what needs improving.

I have absolutely no direction of what to do next- the only thing I can do, is to keep sending them out, and I don’t know whether I should focus on this story or focus on the ten-odd stories that are dying for my attention.


The only think I can do now is:

giphy (2)



Rejection #4

In Amsterdam, it’s the Saturday of the weekend before my 25th birthday, and I’ve spent it hungover from birthday drinks the night before…

When, I get my 4th rejection.041 - DwjUD4T

For some reason, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget this. It’ll be something to tell people about my struggle of getting published…the one rejection that happened in Amsterdam.

I really don’t like what she said in it though:

“That she couldn’t connect with the story” 

I don’t like the way that none of the rejections so far elaborated on what they mean and are just a tiny little paragraph. What am I supposed to take from that??! Scrap the beginning and start all over??! Should I add in more details?? Make it less shady, because it’s not supposed to be clear in the beginning on what is happening…hmm…that’s probably it.

I’m not changing it, not yet. Not till I reach number 10.

We then got a bunch of Burritos [supposedly from the best Amsterdam burrito place] but they were disgusting and none of us finished them. Now, going to pop on some music and get writing again.

A Non-Rejection Rejection.

Today is the 10-week mark since getting in touch with two agents. Not going to name names.

Well, they haven’t gotten back.

That’s 3 out of the 4 people I’ve sent to now not getting back in touch. I wouldn’t mind if it’s a rejection, but not getting in reply just means that you didn’t read it, or you could read it on Monday or Tuesday next week and get in touch.

I’d rather have a rejection than be ignored.