Supernatural 10.20 ‘Angel Heart’


Rating: ★★★★

I was extremely excited about this episode,  because Castiel is just one of my favourite characters.

I loved everything about it. I just wish that the crazy Destiel shippers [Dean and Cas] would shut up for a second through. I do ship them, and its not my fault, it’s the way their whole relationship and how their scenes are shot that has me doing so. I don’t know if they will ever get together, and I’d be okay if they didn’t. But this episode did give Destiel a field day and tumblr exploded before it even finished with tiny nit-picks in the scenes.

I ADORED everything about the Dean and Clair interactions in this episode. They were totally adorable together- not romantically, but as in a father-daughter way.  They way they pocked fun at one another. That silly round of golf was what they both need- Dean needed that little freedom from the heaviness that was the mark- and which is quickly tearing him down- and Clair just needed to be a kid again after everything she’s been through.

Dean: If we stay cooped up in this motel room all night long, I’m gonna lose my mind. 

Clair: Spoiler alert — you already have.

Dean gives Clair a gun,  without blinking or thinking twice, Dean hands her the weapon. It shows how much character development he has gone through, and how he sees Clair and the scene echoes what John did all those years ago with Dean and Sam.

As with Supernatural, this very chirpy [to Supernatural- standards] episode means that season ten is going to get extremely dark, and I don’t think I’m ready for what’s about to happen…

Supernatural 10.19 ‘The Werther Project’


I really really enjoyed this Sam-centric episode and I think this season has been leaving him out a lot. It all seems to focus on Dean and both his outer and inner struggled with the MOC, that Sammy is being more left to the side than usual.

I even started to dislike Sam, about going behind his brother’s back with the Book of the Damned, after all the other times they did the exact same thing. It led nowhere or landing them in more crap than they had already been in.

This episode made me love him all over again and I feel for him- terrified that he’s going to lose his big brother and he’s trying everything he can to save him. I love him for it, if it wasn’t for last season.

Okay so in the Book of the Damned he admitted that he’s been a complete b***terd about ‘not being brothers’ and turning their relationship into just a ‘proffessional’ one. He knows he can’t live without Dean and literally will end up dead if Dean dies. This did two things to me, it made me hate and love him at the same time. It’s just very hipocritical. I know Dean died and everything, but he went from ‘not being your brother’ to ‘if Dean dies, I die’.

He’s doing exactly what he did to Dean last season, going behind his back about something the other half was dead-set against.

I just wish he’d stop changing his mind every two seconds on their relationship and stop dragging Dean through more crap. I wish the writers would write him properly and stop running around in circles when it comes to Sammy.

But, taking away everything from last season and going back to Sam and Dean, who would die for one another. I loved this episode. If it wasn’t for last season I would love Sam more, but I just can’t.

One character I did miss a great deal was Benny, oh I love Benny. I felt a little bit let down to find it was just a vision. I was getting excited about the prospect of Dean ending back in purgatory and everything led us to believe it was going to happen. It wasn’t to be- it was all just a vision.

Overall season 10 has just been missing the mark with me. They could have done great things with the MOC and the brothers, but it just seems to feel all so disjointed and leading to nowhere. We all know the MOC is going to take hold of Dean again and go after Cas and Sam. Sam is going to turn darkish [again! wow, didn’t see that coming did we?*please note sarcasm*]

This season could have been great and every single week I’m hoping it gets better, but it doesn’t. The writers had a major storyline that could have opened up to a brilliantly dark and twisted season, but they destroyed it in the first handful of episodes. If it wasn’t on the CW it would have been awesome. [I’m just hoping the season ends with a bang and season 11 will be better].