Supernatural 12×06 ‘Celebrating The Life of Asa Fox’


Rating: ★★★

This episode was a nice change form the norm, the boy’s weren’t specifically going out of their way to hunt something, but were taking the time to catch up with Jody, which in turn leads them to kind of having a hunt. I wish all episode were like this and not following the same linear episode-line.

The one thing that is getting on my nerves this season is the whole ‘you’re going to be fine’ speech. I get that hunters say that to victims to make them feel better, but can’t the writers not sit down and figure out how to not repeat the same conversation over-and-over again? I think that’s three episodes now that have had the same conversation.

The only huge plot hole in this episode is the fact that we have all these hunters- who’ve spent their lives looking over their shoulders- show up to this one house, and the only thing that they have between them is one demon knife that Dean has. No holy water or a pistol shoved down the inside of a boot??

The fact that there are stories going around about Sam and Dean in the hunting community was a nice addition to the episode, but it didn’t come as a surprise, because hunters all knew about Sam being the ‘demon child’ and then opening hell. So, why would hunters stop hearing stories about them? I wish that we got more information on what stories were being told. Like, do they know about Cas and about Dean being a demon? Because they all knew about how many times Dean had been dead. The conversation didn’t happen the way it should’ve gone. The hunter should’ve pushed for more questions than just ‘death didn’t take’ – like, what about the time that Sam was ringing around looking for leads on his Knight of Hell brother? Nothing came up about it.

The cannon thing that annoyed me about this episode is the notion that Mary was still hunting even after having Sam and Dean? If she was still hunting then she would’ve had the house warded against demons and supernatural entities, so Azazel would’ve never made it into Sammy’s room and she would’ve never died. If she was still hunting, she would’ve left guns and equipment hidden around the place just for ‘safe keeping’ – the same way Dean continued to do when he tried to live a normal life.

The possibility that this was the end of the Mary-train was a shock. I wouldn’t put it pass Supernatural to pull a stunt like that, that it was such a relief when she didn’t go. But it also foreshadowing what’s going to happen; Mary isn’t staying around, she’s going to have to die, and by the sounds of it, she’s going to have to take her own life. Sacrificing herself for one of the boys-then everything would be tied up in a nice little bow such as Supernatural always writes it. Absolutely and utterly depressing.

PS: the twins totally need to come back into play in future episodes.

Supernatural 12×03 ‘The Foundry’


The Foundry is the first filler episode of the season, but unlike other filler episodes it hits right in the feels.

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I got confused halfway through this episode and the backstory of the ‘spirit’ wasn’t really developed that we barely got a grasp of who he was and then Mary just threw out her thoughts on him.

Also, kinda was erliefet when the black goo coming from her eyes was from being possessed and not her body self-desctructing itself- which was my immediate thought when seeing the trailer.

The ending. Wow. Did not see that coming. At first I was really annoyed, because since we’ve known Dean and Sam they’ve been wanting their mother back…then she walks out.

I really wished John could’ve come back now instead of her. He would’ve been able to fit into their lives so much easier and natural. He knows them as people and it’s only been…what?…10 years since he’s died?

I wasn’t expecting the way they ended it. Dean shutting Mary out of a hug and then Sam flinching at the sound of the door. Two episodes of happiness and they’re back to square one.

In the words of Sam at the start of the episode:

Now it’s all gone.

I can see why Mary needs to leave. She’s been in her perfect heaven and now she’s down on earth with no John and two grownup men she doesn’t know. I can see the boy’s continue on hunting and Mary starting her own new life by herself.

I hope that the boy’s can can stop looking for their mother or father to accept them, to make them proud. That they can finally lay all those thoughts to rest and just be glad that they have one another and Cas.

I was a bit miffed at Cas stating that ‘he still doesn’t think he belongs’ – I don’t know, he’s been with the Winchesters long enough to feel a part of their family. They’ve told him time-and-time again how much he means to both of them. He knows how much they both care for him.

The season is really up-in-the-air still on where the whole storyline is heading to. I have a feeling it’s going to be another show down with Lucifer- but how they’re planning that out is a mystery and how Mary links in with it is also confusing.

Hopefully Sam and Dean have finally grown as people that they’re going to talk about what happened and not either dive into hunting [as stated in this episode] or hit the bottle. Because then I’m just going to be having a bad case of Deja vu.

Also, Cas needs to bring the two out drinking and force both of them to talk.

Supernatural 12×02 ‘Mamma Mia’


Rating: ★★

I had my standards high for this episode after the premier, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up, Supernatural can epically drop the ball- and they have. There’s some minor good points, but the majority of it was a disaster.

This episode had more Dean and Cass. The way that they can communicate without words, that after all the crap they’ve been through, they just understand one another and fit like a glove. Essentially there’s no Dean without Cass and vice versa.

I love that Mary is having happy dreams about John and all the funny things he used to do and her saying that he was a great dad meant a lot. The show isn’t shitting on him like they very well known for. I’m just waiting for one of the boys to slip up and of course Dean has given Mary the journal so….this isn’t going to last, I can feel it.

What happened to Benny?? Did the kill him?? I’m so confused about what they did to him!! I hope he comes back.

Then Cass disappears without reason just so Sam and Dean can have a family meal with their mother. What happened? Cass doesn’t exactly have anywhere else to go, his family is Dean and Sam, so he should’ve been there too or even explain where he had to run to.

Another small detail in this episode is that Mary doesn’t cook. Here’s this 12-season backstory that Dean always wants pie because it reminds him of his time with his mother, naturally the audience took that as Mary making toddler Dean pie. But she doesn’t, she buys the pie and everything else she has given Dean since coming back.

Sam and Mary talking for the first time was executed badly.

As a character who thought he lost his brother and craved for a mother’s affection, I just think that Sam should’ve had more confusion and emotions upon seeing the two, and I wish we didn’t miss the whole first-meeting when she came to rescue him. That whole scene was skipped; I think it would’ve been more heart-wrenching if we got that motherly-son first talk when emotions were high at the very moment that they landed eyes on one another.

Sam: “Mom? For me, just uh, having you here, fills in the biggest blank”

Sam’s expression when he hugs her is just so heartbreakingly beautiful. He’s doing the one thing he’s been waiting his whole life for – a hug from mom.

The Prop Department need to sit down and talk; not a single person caught the EndVerse photo?? Why did Dean have all the other photos but then this photo- that isn’t supposed to exist- is handed over to Mary? Why didn’t Dean take that one too? It’s this that has me thinking…maybe it isn’t a slip-up, maybe it’s supposed to be there. But then that doesn’t even make a slick of sense. Anyone else?

Also, since when does acid damage an angel’s vessel? Specifically Lucifer’s vessel?? It was a cool scene and great special effects, but it doesn’t make sense. Also, Rowena being able to control the original Fallen Angel doesn’t follow canon and I would’ve thought that Lucifer- being Lucifer- would have broken wings. This scene was a mess- cool- but a mess. Somebody just didn’t do their research.

I felt for Dean as he sat on the kitchen floor looking at old photos. The is a character who idolised image of his mother is slowly being destroyed. Now, this is the part where the notion that maybe it would’ve been better if she had stayed dead come along. Mary is quickly getting kicked off the pedestal that the boys have built for her. Nothing is going to be the same after this season and that’s a very unsettling feeling.

Can’t wait to see what the British Men of Letters have up their sleeves. Just wish that the team would do their research and stop making huge mistakes in a single episode.

Supernatural 12×1 ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’


Rating: ★★★★★

Mama Winchester is back and it’s amazing!

For a show that has been running for 12 years now, it’s easy to think that a season premier is going to be same as last time, an opener. Nothing too dramatic, but to set the course for the rest of the season. For example, season 11 wasn’t really memorable [we found out what the Darkness was] and season 10 gave us a sassy Demon Dean.

Season 12 though? Probably the best season opener Supernatural has ever had.

There’s a new spring in the old-show’s step now. Something exciting and refreshing that some long-time fans have probably forgotten all about.

This episode was strung together so perfectly that it didn’t follow the usually one episode style. There was no perfect bow to tie it all up but a series of events that linked together with one another and the writer’s weren’t of their own characters and just let them shine.

I’ve noticed, nobody really knows what to do with Cas, he’s the third wheel that get’s shunted with a handful of scenes per episode, but Andrew Dabb understands Cas. The way all writer’s should, and if they continue to use their characters the way a show should, this season should be the best season yet. Cas being written properly for once made this episode.

The acting all round was amazing, but especially from Jared. His scenes were so strung and emotional that they put the episode on a whole new playing field.

Onto another character that was just perfect; Mary Winchester. I was skeptical on how they were going to pull it off, but the writer’s covered everything with the character that I just cannot fault them. Sam Smith’s acting was also spot on. I liked that they left her image of John alone, that she could still have her sweet John and I’m dreading when she is inevitable going to find out what he did as a hunter.

Season 12 has started strong with one of the best openers Supernatural has ever seen and it’s going to be exciting to see where the shows goes from here.