My September Progress…ummm, if you can call it that.

September Word Count: 546…. Yea, there’s is no missing numbers either.

I only managed that measly number because I wrote in 20 minutes on a lunch break one day.

My life consists of working, walking and going to bed, basically.

I know all the tips and tricks of trying to get those words down- like waking up an hour earlier than usually, but I’ve tried that and I just sit staring at the roof like a half-zombie hybrid, drool still coming from my mouth.

Or staying up a bit later. I always bring my laptop upstairs with me, with the idea of getting work done but I always end up snoring my brain out the minute I hit the bed, with the thought— I’LL DO IT TOMORROW…I fucking hate that thought, that is the reason I don’t get as much work down as I should, that and I’LL DO IT AT THE WEEKEND…No, Sarah, your not, something else is going to come up and you’re not going to get it done. So, sit your lame-ass-excuse-of-a-writer’s-ass down and get those words written, even if it means writing crap. Get the work done…NOW!

If I kept up with my writing, I probably wouldn’t have needed to keep an approaching anxiety attack from happening on the bus the other day. It would have kept me in a more chilled out mood, because then at least I’d be writing and my days’s aren’t slipping by without any progress.

September Plans


It’s finally my favourite time of the year…Autumn!! Where I can wear comfy jumpers, boots and get back drinking hot chocolate with cold fingers!!

The month is already looking to be a busy one, the plans so far are:

Write 15,000 words on two novels [30,000 words in total]. These are completely separate form one another and from any books I’ve written so far. I’m really looking forward to writing them.

Re-edit the beginning of my finished novel, and send it off to five publishers/agents by the 30th of this Month. This is going to be tough- I haven’t received feedback on what to change about the beginning from previous agents or publishers. Just that I should keep trying.

Getting back into my smoothie/juice diet and being healthy again.